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My DREAM bootsies, mine at last!

My FAV Christmas present this year, (well, last year, but you know what I mean)
The dream bootsies I wanted! Are FINALLY in my arms.
When I saw the boots had fully sold out BOTH online and ALL Topshop stores just before christmas I began to worry, and seeing as mama hadnt bought them yet I was distraught.... so one day after work I thought I'd have a wonder down to the Oxford Circus Topshop branch to snoop around, and thought I'd briefly ask about the boots having no hope they would be in stock....
BUT, a sales assistant whispered to another, and she scooted off to the backstock ''to see'' if any were avaliable, I said either a size 7 or an 8 since I would squeeze into either to get a hold on these bad boys....... I WAS SO IN LUCK. IT WAS MY LUCKY LUCKY DAY.
The amaaaazing sales assistant strolled on out with a beautiful box of size 8's, and notified me saying they were the last of that style of boots and they wouldnt be coming back in stock. Luckily they fitted SO much better than the 7's.. (yes I have HUGE feet for my tiny height)
I quickly ran to the checkout and purchased these yummies, then mumma gave me the cash and wrapped them up herself, the most purrrrrrfect present sorted!

Now I always think to myself......
''What if I didnt had asked for them boots?''
Always have a little hope guys!
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  1. The boots look awesome! Great score.
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Have a fab Thursday Hun xoxo


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