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All hail king Vagabond....

Good evening earthlings!

Hope everybodys week is going swell so far, It has been a rather chilled day in general I like it.
A cold glass of Fanta and a bourbon would go down a treat right now though.
 I've literally just spent the past 3 hours playing Zombies on PS3.... Revealing the inner gamer geek.

If anyone hasn't seen yet, my blog now has a Facebook page up and running
If everyone could check it out and like it, It would be much appreciated!

This outfit isn't really suitable for the current chilly weather, 
but I love these two pieces teamed together so had to show you, Oh and.....

As soon as we got the first load stocked into UO I was trapped 
in a deep, powerful, mindblowing LOVE for these beauties. And they started to sell pretty damn quick, so I crept into my savings account and accidentally splurged a chunk on these. 
 It was sweet temptation I couldn't resist.

I am more than glad I purchased these when I did, since my size has officially sold out!
Guys, when thinking about purchasing what possibly could be a major piece to your wardrobe,
just repeat this to yourselves:

"Life is too short to not own perfect clothes"
...or shoes in my case.

....And you haven't met my 50p beauty of a shirt yet have you?

 All hail King Vagabond.......
The PERFECT boot.

Ok, so Vagabonds are known for being super darn comfortable, but I thought 
people kind of... over exaggerated.

I was proven wrong. Very wrong.
'Cos these badboys fulfill all levels of comfort!

Even though the heel looks massively chunkified, It is also a flatform too, which balances the heel out to make it not feel as if you're wearing a 'heel', it's just more of a slope.
A warm, bouncy, toe welcoming slope.

My feet are a massive size 7, which is a tad odd for someone who is only 5ft3, and yes they do fully suceed in making my feet look like scuber divers, but it is worth it. The gothic 90's theme to these is bang on trend with the grunge wearers, but also make you feel like a bit of a Spice Girl too.
(I like the SG's so I can't complain...)

10/10 for both looks, and comfort.


Black & white chromo top, teamed with a much needed dash of vibrance.
Mustard is a big hit with me at the moment. And I've never seen a mustard denim high waist skirt before so had to have it! Especially at a beautiful £7.99, Thank you H&M.

Shirt - 50p!!!!! - Bootsale
Skirt - H&M - £7.99
Boots - UO - £80 original price
Lee Denim Jacket - Rockit - £13

Hope you liked this look!
Would love to hear your thoughts
 Either comment here or tweet!


Enjoy the rest of the week guys



  1. those shoes are actually perfect! think I really need them..
    amazing outfit :) xx

  2. You're right those 90 style boots are beautiful!
    Great look I love the shirt- would totally wear this despite the weather. :)

  3. Those boots are perfect!!!! Omg I NEED a pair! I love your hair btw!xx

  4. The shoes are just amazing! I was going to buy this skirt, but unfortunately my toosh wasn't small enough wahhhhh! Perfect outfit...girl after my own heart!! x

  5. those boots, WOWSER! amazing! need to get my mits on a pair of those!

    love your blog.

  6. in love with those shoes! if they've sold out of size 7 then they've prob sold out of size 8 too! damm having big feet!

  7. Love those shoes. You have such good style !
    Can't believe I've only just found your blog - in love!

  8. I think i'm in love with every piece
    All so gorgeous
    S xx

  9. love this outfit! the print on the yellow looks so nice together! x xx


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