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I'm back with a thrifty kick...

Heyooo, fellow weirdlings.

This has been the longest. week. of. my. life. Spent the whole time in bed since, thursday the 7th, *WAAAAH*, its been hell. Suffered from the worst chest infection AND the flu, 
together, double wammy of illness.

But I am superly duperly happy right now because we have the internet working from my home in Essex so I don't have to wait to go to London and use my nans laptop to blog anymores! so hopefully, this means, more blogging from moi!

(need to share my thrifty adventure with y'all)

I know this seems like centuries ago but, the 2nd of feb, yes 11 days ago, I went to the East End Thrift store where they had their huge 5 tonne stock of jumble sale-ness amongst 5 days, the eager moo I am had to go for the first day. Arriving 20 minutes early to one heeeeeck of a queue, the shop is placed down a small alley where I was hoping newbies would get lost and not find it, but nope the queue was wild and eager to get their thrifty hands on some perfection.

I had never been to one of their 'fill-a-bag' jumbles before so wasnt entirely sure to expect,
M A D N E S S.

We had been given our £20 plastic bags, (which actually were a decent size) The £10 ones were TEEENY! If you go in the near future (the events are run quite often) please get a £20 bag.
Anways, the doors opened, a tasty chunk of people were selected to venture inside.
Luckily I was apart of the first bunch, and gee whiz, not even in there 2 minutes and people are like wild hogs, clothes are flying, clothes are being clawed and tugged from person to person. At a moment I feared for my life. And then the adrenaline kicked in, especially when Run DMC is being blasted from the speakers encouraging fellow thrifties to get their thrift on.

There was NO time to look exactly at the garments, you just pulled whatever seemed to look 'decent' and pile in it the bag, before someone snatches it before your very eyes...

All in all, I came out alive. And managed to shove 15 things in my bag!
(that works out £1.33 an item! score)
2 denim jackets, 1 beautiful green blazer, 8 shirts and vests, 4 dresses!

Here be one below, introducing one of my thrrrrrrifty floral purchases.

Didn't have George to take the photos this day so decided to attempt a bit of a self-shoot... 

Last year I purchased some sunglasses in the ASOS sale, when they arrived I wasn't pleased, a year later the love has finally kicked in & will be rocking these this summer.

Thick framed sharp cat eyed lens, brown largely speckled. for a beautiful £7.20
(after student discount)

Oh, by the way, them lights, are up all year round! Don't want you all thinking I'm a strange Christmas lady who likes to celebrate all year round....

My black disco pants have lasted me a goooood year, purchased last year in New York at such a cheaper price in the American Apparel warehouse's out there, 40 DOLLAAARRSS!
Seeing as they're £70+ here that was a complete steal. AA's Discos have the perfect material which lasts & lasts, and goes back to complete fitted-ness after each wash. They are still a massive essential in my wardrobe. hopefully will last me a long time to comeeee!

(AH, bad shot for the hips, maybe these disco pants are loosing they're touch)

My Topshop ankle boots were a big worthy investment, I never pay £80 for a boot
(originally £90 but somehow my student ID still worked...)
They took a few times to get the comfy boot feel to them, but they are now a treat to walk in,and the heel is a perfect size for me to wear these to work and even to nip to the shop. The heel also gives that little boost for my height too which I love.

Thought I'd opt for my garden to shoot in this week since I was a bit scared going the streets alone with the tripod. The garden always looks a bit neglected and rusty this time of year, 
but I actually quite like it.

Shirt underneath floral - Tesco school shirt (three years old now)
Floral shirt - Thrift shop buy - £1.33
Disco Pants - $40 - American Apparel
Boots - Topshop - £80 - (with student discount)
Earrings - Topshop - £8
Neck Collar - H&M - £3.99

Anyhow I hope you liked this short quicky look!
Sorry again for not posting in forever
More thrifty posts to be shown soon...

Also, was thinking of doing a Shirt-a-day for 7 days? like one of my printed shirts styled and posted each day? though I got so many to cram in than 7 days... Not to sure though!

Tell me what you guys think,
Comment, email or tweet...

Enjoy the rest of your week peoples!
(Just seen this is actually a super long post for me, sorry guys!)



  1. hey girl! i love your make up and floral top<3

  2. Love this outfit, you look amazing! x

  3. Love your thrift shop floral buy - what a steal! Also you eyebrows are amazing...what do you use?

    Now following your blog on GFC :) WOuld you like to follow each other?

    If so, you can visit my blog here:




  4. Absolutely in love with this floral its so gorgeous!!
    You need to inform us when these events go on
    I really want to go!
    S xx

  5. Love this outifit! I NEED to go to one of these events it sounds incredible omg!xx

  6. wow this is great! amazing bargain, never heard of the East End Thrift store before, definitely want to go to one!! new follower :)

    em xo

  7. This is one of the nicest floral prints ever!
    Would love to see the shirt-a-day idea too


  8. Heeeey, I saw your blog through Chelsea Jade's blog as being blogger of the month and I LOVE your style!! Just been looking at all your posts, newest follower :) can't wait for your next outfit post xxx


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