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Pinch punch, nearly the end of the month?

Hello strangelings!
Sending a vibrant welcoming to the new followers!  
As you can see I've hardly posted this month, I am sozza.

February has got to be the trickiest month to spell right?
Dont lie, you all don't know what comes first the U or the R.

I have so many posts to post but so little time!
Think I'll cover a tad on LFW first, and post my fav street style snaps I took whilst lurking!
 I went alone to LFW, on the Sunday and then the Tuesday for about half an hour, just to be one of those who has no shows to attend but likes to watch all the funky fresh fashionistas do their thang.
I was trying to spot out my fav blogger Kavita @
but had no luck!

 I was so suprised at the amount of people that asked for my photo though, I just felt like an ugly betty standing around compared to everyone else. Out of it though I managed to get featured on Noctis Magazines blog! Snapped by an awesome up and coming fashion photographer I know, Kyle Galvin. (Here you can check out his LFW fashion snaps for that week

This was a look on day 5, where I had quickly darted down on my lunch break to meet Kyle for a quick snap. Theres an extended post coming soon on this outfit which shows off the shirt a bit more!
It is lime green, and pretty hard to photograph since its so neon so that's why it looks a tad bright!

 (photos by Kyle Galvin,

Cape - ASOS petite (2011) - £60
Bag - Ebay - £12.99
Purse - Primark - £5
Watch - UO - £10 sale
Shirt - American Apparel - £50
High waist trouser - American Apparel - £59 (with discount)

Pretty expensive outfit, mainly because I'm wearing AA, expensive but so damn worth it!

Now for my LFW Street Style snaps...
(all photography by me, using my Canon EOS 600d)


Selected few of my FAV styled outfits of the day...
 Unfortunately I didn't get to get peoples names or blogs in these photos, do let me know if you know these! (I'm quite oblivious when it comes to snapping a known blogger!)

Man in a skirt, awesome.
Pleated too.
& best of all, he actually suits it.
Taking fashion to a whole new level.

This combo of flatform, double pleat, bowling bag, sheep-skin, & a silky waist coat
is a really statement for LFW, looking so cas with his ciggy and foot crossed over.

This is also an amazzzing look, did you notice the one hand without the studded leather glove?
Love that. With his leather gently resting on both of his shoulders, he looks like a re-vamped Danny from Grease with an oriental twist.

Also A* for the awesome eyebrows!


These two really know how to pull off coloured hair without making it look a bit of an over-done hair trend. Both with gradient hair looking funky fresh on this sunny day. 


Double up...

Heres two of my fav double up pics, best friends by the looks of things!
Fashion comes in pairs at LFW.

I ADORE the girl on the right's orange bowler hat.
combined with the B&W printed jacket is just amazing.
Really makes the hat look a statement piece where she's only wearing a combination of B&W.

the girl on the right SO reminds me of Kendall Jenner!?
A very cute girly outfit, a busy outfit, but she makes it work.
I personally wouldn't be able to pull this look off but A* to her for doing it!


The guy on the left did it for me, that bag is actually insanely cool.
Its so huge I could possibly tag around with him in there.
I hate the word swag, and it is most likely forbidden to use in the fashion word, but he has that. 
 That beard, that smile, them shades, and that hair, just awesome.
Cross between Mr T, and Will.I.Am right?

The other guys outfit is a rather strange combination, but he makes it work effortlessly.
How often do you see a guy this casual rocking a snake skin leather?

Now for my ultimate fav look of the day...
I literally love this so much.

Them shades.
That Jacket.
 Dem chainz.
Them shoez.

AMAZING. Them cuffs around her ankles! so simple but dang effective.
So glad I got to snap this look, so inspiring and unique. She pulls it off amazingly.

Goodbye London Fashion Week....
The first and definitley not the last time I pop down for a nose around, 
You were a bright and cheerful 5 days, where all fashion lovers show their love towards eachother!
hopefully next season I manage to get a show to go to!

Hope you all enjoyed my LFW post, sorry it's like a week late but hey-ho.

I have a couple of outfit posts lined up to release, one tomorrow hopefully!
Now I'm off to spend the rest of my day off gorming out playing Zombies on PS3..
Enjoy the last day of your weekend peoples, its nearly Monday already!!

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  1. So many great street styles!

    Be great if you could check out my latest outfit post feat a camo jacket and military styling.

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx

    1. Hey! glad you like it!
      I recognize you! were you in the Company short list too??
      Will defo give your blog a checking out :)

  2. Spotted you at Somerset didn't get a chance to say hi, anyways the last outfit defo gives me life!

    Great shots!

    1. Hey! Ah gutted would had loved if you had came over!
      Glad you like the shots! Enjoy your week xx

  3. these are some amazing shots! And you look so cute =)

    1. So glad you like it!
      LOVE YOUR BLOG! Super cool style xx

  4. Love the outfit that green is gorgeous!!
    S xx

    1. Neon lime is a favvvv of mine at the mo! glad you liked it!
      awesome blog! just followed :)
      you are beautiful! xx

  5. Your coat is amazing! I love the colour, so bright, I'm gonna defo look for something similar :) And I love how you've styled it with the neon shirt and bag :) xxx

    1. Hey :) really glad you liked it!
      Have a lovely week :) xxx

  6. You took some amazing photo's!
    Love the guy wearing all black :)

    Mona xx

    1. Thank you! :)
      He was awesome, loved his confidence!
      Have a lovely rest of the week!

      P.s just seen your Kimmy K similar shoe post!! amazing look a likes well done!

  7. Your outfit is gorgeous! How did you do your hair? I have such long hair, but can never get it in a messy bun like that. It'd be awesome if you did a tutorial :) xo


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