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Colour clash? Doesn't exsist....

AHHHH, its been WAY too long since I last posted!
Too all my followers, (if I still have any left...) I am sozza.
I've kinda forgotten how to blog..

Finally enjoying a beautiful 3 days off, all in a row... this is a rare occasion!!
Happy Easter people!

I've just literally eaten too many yorkshire puds for my stomach to contain, but it was worth it.
It's been a busy few weeks actually, had my Mum & Dads first wedding, assisted on my first styling job with MORE! magazine, celebrated my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend, and spent a silly amount of money this month on new buys which I cannnnnnot wait to share.

This look anyhow, is full American Apparel clothing.. My fav.
I actually love these two colours matched together.
George bought me this lovely mustard roll neck for my birthday, and I bought the blue high waist trousers in their christmas sale.


Lies! These colours do not clash people!! Take it back...


EEEEEEEEEP, Rope necklaces!
This is offically one of my fav necklaces at the moment.
I bought it in the Urban christmas sale, where there was only one of them!
Originally £20, I bagged this beauty for £3.25!


I rarely wear a pant which isn't high waisted now...... 
so much more flattering right?!

Haven't worn these booties in ages, 
since I'm way too addicted to my Vagabond chunky boots still!

Rollneck - American Apparel - £28
High waist trouser - American Apparel - £45
Alvin boots - Topshop - £80
Belt - Primark - £1
Necklace - Urban Outfitters - £3.25
Watch - Urban Outitters

Meeeep- Hope you liked this outfit!
Please share your thoughts, either comment or tweet me :)


Have a lovely weekend people!



  1. Beautiful outfit Charlotte :) xx

  2. The colours are perfect together - anyway who cares what 'clashes' (one minute it's hated the next it's loved!)

    The outfit looks great - love it!



  3. Colours look so gorge together!
    S x

  4. hi charlotte! i've nominated you for the liebster award, if you wanna continue with the tag it's on my blog :) take care! xxx

  5. I have been after a pair of high waisted trousers for ages and just cannot seem to find a pair! These...i love! My 2 favourite colours as well xx


  6. You look fantastic I love the trousers :) I'm really jealous of your robe necklace!!


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