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Urban's hot picks..

Hiiiiii eveeeryonee,
Hope you are all having a nice weekend so far!

In this post I'm going to share with you my chosen favorite items from the Urban Outfitters website!
Which some items can be found in store too.

Currently in store UO have 20% off for students until further notice!
(when you present a student ID card with an expiry date)
After you see a selection of my favorites you'll be itching to get spending!!
As well as saving, with your student discount..

One of my favorite clothing collections of UO at the moment, is their 
Urban vintage renewal section! I've featured a few of my favorites in my selection below..

Renewal O&O Shirt Dress

Comes in S, M & L

I adore these printed shirt dresses. In the collection each of the shirts are so different which I really like. The style may be the same, but whether that be a different material or a print it 
makes them each unique.

It'd be a key item for your Spring/Summer wardrobe, either used casually, for a night on the town, or some of the styles with thinner material could work well as a beach kaftan.

I'd personally wear this buttoned all the way to the top, teamed with a chunky chain, or two.

& here we have a sample of the new Ethnic style Renewal dress..

Comes in sizes S, M, or L.

As you must know by now I LOVE prints. We have selected styles of the Ethnic prints in the Covent Garden store at the moment, and by the ones I've seen they are really nice.
I purchased a renewal dress in UO last week, I cannot wait to show you all!

'Online Exclusive' sale renewal
- Velvet tank maxi dress -


This product is an Online Exclusive, which means is just stocked online.
This red velvet dress was originally £48, but now is a yummy £34.
Comes in S, M & L.

I really love this dress. I neeeed this. The colour is super vibrant and I really love a velvet look.
I love the way its been styled in this photo as a grunged up look.
As its in the sale also, you cannot miss out on this!

Ok, Ok, Here be my favourite renewal piece at the moment..
The Animal printed 80's style jacket!
Isn't it just beautiful?

One size - £180

Just looking at the shape and structure of this jacket makes me happy. 
The shoulders look so fierce with them shoulder pads.
The jacket really makes this basic outfit become a statement outfit. A classy statement outfit too.

click here to be directed to this beauty.

'Staring at stars' - Batik Striped Babydoll dress.
So drifting away from renewal, this little number is quite the treat..



Comes in, XS, S, M, & L
This dress can be found here

Truly Madly Deeply - Baseball pyramid tee

Comes in XS, S, M, & L

Out of alllll the Urban Outfitters womens graphics tee's there are, this one really stood out to me.
I think I just love the detailed little drawings on it and the fact it's been 
illustrated on a casual baseball tee.

For me, I would have to wear this one in the biggest size there is since I like my tee's oversized!
Be warned this material seemed to be a tad clingy.

Currently in store UO have a promotion with their graphic tee's
all own-brand styles being £20!! which can save you as much as £10 on some tee's!
(student discount does not apply on top of promotion) 

click here

....EEEEP, gold chainz!

Urban renewal 80's heavy gold chain - £18

Be mineeeee!
I'm waiting for this chain to be stocked at the Covent Garden store, we already have 2 renewal chunky chains in stock at the moment, but this little gem changes the game.
I own too many Pat Butcher styled chains... but this one looks rather appealing.

Find this chain on the website by clicking here

( - all pictures used are from the Urban Outfitters UK website -)

Hope you liked my hot picks of UO's current stock!
Feel free to share which pieces you liked most

You can find out more about Urban Outfitters Covent Garden store on the facebook page
which is up to date with all information & current promos


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Enjoy the rest of your weekend people!
....Don't forget its Mothers day!!




  1. LOVE the first dess along with the velvet dress!
    S xx

  2. the red velvet the chain!! my favs!!



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