Thursday, 2 May 2013

Alice In Pastel-land....

Well this sunshine is damn beautiful! It's time to get the legs out girls...
Today, I feel like Alice In Wonderland..... more like Pastel-land with my toddler-like dress!
This is one of my fav babydoll dresses at the moment, teamed with an old school shirt underneath!
& chunky Pat Butcher style jewelry just how I like it!  

I do feel like a small child in this outfit though...  19 going on 5?
Just need a pair of Jelly shoes to top of this outfit! Instead I've had these white T-bar heels for 
years & years now and have never worn them out!
For £8 they're pretty decent, I need to start wearing these some more this summer...

This dress is a Urban Renewal dress in Urban Outfitters, there was only one of them so I couldn't let it go without being mine! Check out their current renewal dresses, so many cute ones!


Earrings - Primark - £2
Chunky chain - Primark - £4
White shirt - (old school shirt)
Dress - £38 - Urban Outfitters
T-bar Heels - (cannot remember shop name) - £8

Would love to know what you think of this outfit!
Been getting a few more comments lately really appreciate it!
Give me a comment or find me on Twitter :)


I'm off to bingo in a bit, praying for some money to put towards Ayia Napa!
Have a good weekend people 



  1. You look amazing and these pictures are gorgeous! Your dress looks great with your shirt underneath! xxx

  2. This is gorgeous!
    S xx

  3. super happy i came across your blog :) new follower!

    amen fashion

  4. You look great and you do look very Alice in wonderland inspired.

  5. You look lovely, the dress really suits you x

  6. Love this outfit, I think Pat Butcher was onto something!

    I'm hosting a giveaway if you're interested! xo

  7. Adore this outfit! You have such a lovely sense of style. Think I need to invest in a similar dress,it's adorable! x

  8. wow i love this dress and i love dresses paired with collared shirts infact i love most things paired with collared shirts. and yes you should were those shoes out they are super cute

    ❤ Alex

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