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Matalan does statement...

Meeeeerrrrp. So I think this is the best year for Matalan....
Their summer collection is so decent this year, mainly the beach part!
Where I found these loveeerrly shorts, I didn't expect them to be as high-waisted as they were, but I love a high waist. So the more high waisted they were the better!

The material is so light and soft too, which is so perfect for holidays.
& The fit is so relaxed, no clinginess at all! For £6 too, this is a star buy y'all.

As well as these are made for a beach outfit, they also work in other occasions, as I've dressed below.
Making the shorts the main focus of the outfit dressing them up a tad!

I hadn't got a chance to style my Zara-look Primark version heels, so thought I would now, tad late on trend, bought them about 2 months ago for £12!
 Teamed with some little socks, since I'm not a fan of my feet, especially in daylight!

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No one believed me when I said my necklace was from Primark!!
Complete bargain for £4, seeing as other high street shops do similar, in fact with less statement-ness and is over priced is crazy amounts.

Necklace - Primark - £4
Shirt - (Old school shirt) 
Shorts - Matalan - £6
Socks - Primark - £1.50
Heels - Primark - £12
 Bag - Primark - £8
Watch - UO - £10 (christmas sale)

Would love to know what you all think of this outfit, how would you wear these shorts?
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Have a good week people.
Praying the weather keeps up for tomorrow, a carboot sale is in order!




  1. You look stunning, I love this outfit.

    Kelly ||

  2. love this look, you look amazeballs xx

  3. Gorgeous outfit!!! Love the socks and sandals xx

  4. LOVE these shorts
    Definitely need to go pick them up
    S xx

  5. I just happened to stumble across your blog and I can't stop reading! I really like your style! Great post ^.~
    Taya x

  6. You look awesome! Those shorts really are lovely, and they look great with your shirt and necklace too! xxx

  7. Awesome outfit!!! Looking nice.......


  8. socks and heels - YES!
    those shorts - YES!


  9. i love this outfit so cute!i love the shorts i am definitely a fan of unique shorts, i love the necklace cute and spiky and i love that u wore pretty socks with your heels amazing great blog!

    ❤ Alex

  10. Cute with the socks! I have these heels and have the same problem (I have big manly size sevens) but this is such a perfect day look! Yay!

  11. cuteeeee blog, just followed you xxx


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