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Corduroy Carpark


See what I did there. Well actually, there is a small story I shall tell with you amongst this post, bro.
Whilst shooting this post, on the top floor of a carpark in my local town centre.
Two security guys shortly approached us (YES A PROPER TWO MAN JOB THIS ONE)
and called me down from this extremely dangerous ledge, and stated I had been reported as,
a 'suicidal jumper' - I laughed, thinking he was infact joking... then saw his boredly stiff face.
He wasn't joking. Someone had literally reported me to security of being a potential jumper.

He then carried on to say, 'oh, and you cannot take photos in the carpark'
Oh right, and why's that then? Luckily I got the shots.
He THEN carried on to say, 'I must remove you from this carpark'
(with his wimp of a side kick blowly softly in the wind)

After they scattered off alarming his carpark radio that the CARPARK IS A.O.K.
We luckily lost them and decided to shoot on the stairs of the carpark. Rebels, I know guys.

Feast your eyes, an outfit, which is pretty much all Primark (shock)
Minus the wonderful Vagabonds!

Anyways, back to the Fashion side of this post!

Did I mention this little number is infact... Guess go on...
P R I M A R K 

I loved it so much I purchased the black too. 
After work I especially went to see if I could get my mits on this dress.
Low and behold, I spotted between other dresses, both red and black, in a 12.
The only ones in the shop! I was, estatic. 
Imagine if I didn't go to that section? Or 5 minutes later?
Mate... its well and truly, fate.

Remember the cute little starsign necklaces you used to recieve as a christmas present from your relative at Christmas, the best seller in the Argos book?

Forget Argos, they seem to had de-stocked it. Hello Urban Outfitters.
SALE NECKLACE ALERT. £5. Get in there quick guys.

Remember I predicted dainty necklaces would be a hit this fall?



Dress - Primark - £12
Shirt - Primark - £10
Necklace - Urban Outfitters - £5
Boots - Urban Outfitters (VAGABOND) - £80
Coat - Primark - £20 sale


Hope I didn't bore you too much with my carpark story, haha. 
Had to spill the jammy beans though.

Feel free to comment/tweet me!
Are you digging corduroy this season?



  1. gorgeous, love the dress :-)

  2. Everytime I see these in Primark I wonder if i can do them as much justice.. You defo styled them nicely x

  3. I adore this outfit, I love those shoes so much. x

  4. love love love ur outfit darling xx


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