Monday, 28 October 2013


Everybody in the club is jumpin' jumpin...

Jumper season! The beginning of jumper season, where it's chilly outside
but is acceptable to wear just a jumper, or maybe a small number to layer up.
 Bitches be hitting Primark like theres no tomorrow.
And you will be, after you see mine.

After the storm had chilled out for a lil while, me & my sister decided to take a trip to Tesco's
and thought why not do a outfit post? It's been a while. Hey lets take some photos in the carpark..
Yes my hair looks extremely different shades of blonde in some pictures haha...


 (casual mid-air shot)

As you can see, I've fully ditched the print this season. 

Hello to casual blackness, with a hint of a statement necklace.
This necklace is currently in Primark, and for £6 I had to reel in it!
It states 'Primark Limited edition' on the tag.... so get in there quick girls.


Jumper - Primark - £10
White shirt - (old school shirt)
Necklace - Primark - £6
High waist jeans - Primark - £10
Boots - Topshop - £90
Bag - H&M - £14.99

Hopefully will be dropping more outfit posts this week 
since I have quite a few days free this week! Hopefully squeeze in a Halloween themed post! (yay)
Would love to hear your thoughts on this outfit, drop a tweet or comment!

Anyone been watching #TheFace ? 
Super excited for tonights episode! Roll on 9pm!
(the mid-air shots were totes inspired by one of the episodes!)




  1. I've been loving the face and as I was reading this post and saw the mid air shot I thought of it!! Whose team are you on? I'm praying for a #teamerin victory!!! xx

    1. Ahhh great!! Glad you spotted lol. I love the face so much. I adore Erin too! I really want her team to win! xx

  2. I adore that necklace! It's just awesome! x

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it! At first I thought it was a bit too much.... but nothings ever too much right?! Just depends what to put it with I guess! xx

  3. i love this outfit the jumper is amazing!,


  4. Loving the look and your necklace is truly gorge
    S xx

  5. You're looking great, love the fact your confident enough to take pictures in the car park.. haha I'd be ever so embaressed!
    I'm loving your statement necklace - its amazing!


  6. That necklace is amazing, following you! :-)

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