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The October Trend Bible

OCTOBER! Greetings! One-of-two of my favorite months!
Halloween...... I'm dead excited for it this year, (dead, see what I did there, tehe)
have not celebrated Halloween in freaking years.

is going to be about the top 10 personal 'trend' theories I shall express with y'all.
 Think of me as Mystic Meg this post.
These Trend Theories may not be true, (who cares if they're not)
 I shall deffsies be sporting these this coming fall!
So introducing..... CGV's October Trend Bible!
Hell-o to the season of Casual-ness girls, so put aside the Jellies,
save them for the next generation & lets talk fashion....

#1 - Silver

Out with the gold, in with the silver! Or why not mix both? Who says we can't!
 I'm all over silver the Autumn, minimal jewelry too, a plain silver hoop does me fine!
Less is more right? Primark have great silver hoops at a low price of ONE POUND, for 5 pairs!
Silver rings too.... yes yes yes! H&M have a smashing selection. Get stackin'
I've kind of betrayed my love to gold, but its time for a change! Bye bye Gold... for now.

#2 - Chord

Ok, Chord shirts... meh yeah. Chord dresses.... HELLO WHERE CAN I FIND YOU.
ASOS have a beautiful chord dress at the moment, in a splendid shade of green.
Last time I checked it was out of stock of sizes to size 14!
May I just add, I've purchased two amazing chord dunga-dresses from Primark the other day....
If you have seen my Instagram (@CH32) I have posted one earlier today of the red!
The other is a black one, they are like twinny new borns I can't love one of them more than the other!
For £12 each I was in for a treat! I was super in luck too, since they were the only 2 left in the whole store, and I had found them both wedged in between other dresses, obviously someone tried to hide these precious pieces of perfectness..... & failed (hehe soz about you)

(ASOS, £35)

3# -  Velvet (YAY)

So I love a good ol' slab of Velvet all year round ok, but it is a festivey material. 
So this means at this time of year I get to love it even more.
The velvet piece which has caught my eye most this season is
Blimey, they are beauties. In a burgundy & navy. At £24.99 how could you resist?
 If you're  not digging velvet dresses, I recommend Primark's velvet circle skirts
at £8 what an absolute steal. Black, Burgundy, & green!
I nearly purchased the green the other day, but only had Size 14! Boohoo.

4# - Chokers

Oh chokers we love you.  Scared of looking gothy with a black velvet choker?
Don't be! Add it to your girly dress outfit for a mix of Girly Grunge.
eBay them! They have some at decent prices! If you're feeling confident hit up Claire's, and head straight to their Gothy section, I've found 2 cracking ones this morning 
that I cannot wait to purchase.

5# - Dainty Necklaces

A cluster of small thin necklaces can really bring an outfit together, or even one!
Urban Outfitters always have a great choice of small necklaces, if you buy online they usually have some good deals going! I'm a fan of the Infinity sign pieces that are floating around at the moment, the picture below is a necklace from Claire's, cute dainty necklace for £4!
& the last picture is from Urban Outfitters, their new necklace by Cheap Monday, for £10.

6# - Black-ness

Black is the new black! Yeah babies, black is back and here to stay.
A fully black outfit is O.K! Lets do thisssss. Add more dollops of black back into yo wardrobe.
If you don't fancy wearing black.... how about a black lippy? Black scrunchie?
Black is seeping back into my life, rapidly.... more than ever!

7# - Under-Mesh (I shall explain)

Bazingaaa, mesh, an all year trend really. But the under mesh. The sleevey mesh/top/body, you choose, to dress under your top or dress, will make a super difference. A customer came into work and inspired me with her look she had created by doing this. It works!
You can pick up basic mesh items on eBay or places like missguided!

 8# - Basics

Basics! Everyone needs em, but nobody likes em? Until now.... They are great!
H&M & Primark are Kings and queens for basic lovers. That plain shirt to wear under that statement dress, The black long sleeve crop that's gonna get you through the winter, those leggings that you need underneath that see-through skirt. To be honest, these days I've lost my love for print, and re-captured that love in the basics section in Primark.
I bet your thinking 'jeeeez she has mentioned Primark tonnes in this post!' - 
Yep, soz guys, PRI TO THE MARK RULES.

9# - Leather JJ.

From all the years of the trends of Leather Jackets, I never had the typical leather J you saw everyone in, with the flappy bits at the front, and slightly fitted structure. UNTIL NOW.
It was a hard search looking for the perfect one, I thought you could find one anywhere, it was harder than that! No thankyou I do not want a stitched skull on the back Topshop.
H&M was the answer to all my questions. I will mention I did purchase a size 18, since I'm not much of a fan of the super fitted leather JJ, and its still a bit snug at a size 18!
At a banging price of £22 (with online sign-up discount!) I can't complain really.
I think the silver buttons & zips on my jacket were the reason for making me like silver so much....
Below is the jacket I bought, found on the H&M website!

10# - Belts

Black high waisted jeans, team it with one of those thick black belts you never thought you'd use again! tuck the front of your BASIC tee in the front, show off that basic buckle and shazaaam, you just look like you were made for casualness. 


Well that was a short bible tour of this fall's trends picked by moi, forget what you saw at London Fashion Week, only your hand picked trends matter!

Tell me what you think?
Leave a comment, or gimme a tweet!


  1. I'm loving leather this season too! I just ordered a leather Jacket, can't wait for it to come! Lovely blog by the way xx

    1. Woop! I haven't stopped wearing mine since I got it! Thank you :) xx

  2. Love that jacket! I bought a vintage biker jacket recently and it looked awful and cost so much, guess I'll be hitting H&M :-)

    I'm all with you for these trends, velvet and chokers are a must! Awesome post xo

    1. Aw really! Vintage ones are such a hit or miss, I also got a vintage one, from ebay but the shoulder pads are huge I look like a rugby player!
      Glad you liked it :) Thankyou! xx

  3. Red and dark green velvet are my faves!


  4. LOVE that velvet dress so gorge
    S xx

  5. no.2 is my favourite of this month! it's getting colder days by days, take care dear xx


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