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Hand me down. #OOTD

It's bloody hard shooting alone. So if you spot a hidden self timer remote in my hand, ignore the little bugger!
It was a rather pleasant day so I thought let's have a wee shoot out in the garden, 
which as you can see looks like an abandoned corner that looks as if it's just survived a tsunami.
(yep, we haven't bothered picking the table up since them hideous storms HA)

Anyhow, back to Fashion.
Had to use this coat again, it's rarely off of me if I'm honest.
& yep, you guessed it, ANOTHER COLD SHOULDER DRESS <3
I was shooting for my sisters ASOS Marketplace the other day, when I saw she was going to sell this I was like WOAH THERE SISSY, DIBS ON THIS. I was very surprised she was like 'yeah ok' ..RESULT.

I made a little 'What I wore' video to go alongside this post,
check it out by clicking here :)

How AMAZING are these Primark sandals?
By far the most comfortable shoes I have at the moment! HAD to buy the white also.
(attempted buying the metallic ones, but my card was a sign)
They are Limited Edition so good luck grabbing a pair, these were the last pair left in the 
Tottenham Court Road store, it was fate that is was my frigging size!

If you would rather view this outfit via video, I made a little OOTD youtube vid too!


Dress - Boohoo - £18 (thanks sissy!!)
Coat - Charity Shop - £2
Bag - Urban Outfitters (Christmas Sale) - £12
Necklace - Urban Outfitters - £12
Watch - Urban Outfitters (Christmas Sale) - £12
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters (LY Sale) - £5
Shoes - Primark (Limited Edition) - £18

If you haven't yet it would be great if you could check out my latest tutorial on my channel,
teaching you how to achieve the 1940's Victory Rolls! Click here



  1. So dang awesome Charlotte! Loving this outfit! x

  2. Those sandals are amazing! Love the outfit xx

  3. Love the outfit as always. Those shoes are amazing, ah. x

  4. You look great- your sister is awesome.


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