Panama Jack #Lifestyle

Well, It sure has been a good few months since I've posted a blog post.
I fancied blogging something a little different this time, so, take a look at this guy.

This fine sir is Jack by the way. A guy with a taste for second hand check shirts, accidental ripped jeans, the colour burgundy, and smelly vans. With an undying love for JOT. (Jam on Toast)
 Did I forget to mention he has a great voice? He's in a band called Governor's Luck along with three other super talented guys. If you rate indie music, be sure to check out links at the bottom of the post to find out more about the boys and their music.

His relaxed style really caught me, and I really wanted to do a feature post on him.
After spending some time with him over the past few weeks I've come to realize how effortless his style is. He seems to just throw on whatever and still look damn good.
(Although I really loved this shirt of his, so he kinda had to have this one on.)

Thanks for being so naturally photogenic, Panama Jack.

If any guys out there are interested in Jack's style, get yourself down to some charity shops to swoop some check shirts, and visit the basic section in H&M for some vests. 
Because loose vests are pretty damn good. So is the colour burgundy. 

New acoustic song 'At The Top Of My Lungs' by Governor's Luck
A real great song by the boys, from their album which is yet to be released.
Go give em a listen! If you're really in to em, keep up with the guys on social media

I leave for Thailand in a matter of days now, to go backpacking for 6 weeks
I'm hoping to find some great fashion finds out there and get inspired for some new posts.



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