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Island Jewel Hunt


So we arrived in Phangan 4 days ago, for the full moon party.
This meant we had a lot of free time in the days to chill and 'prepare' ourselves to party.
I found this the perfect time to get jewel hunting around the island. Finding my favorite pieces for bargain prices. In the images below are a few of the amazing jewels I found!

The rings..... I have seen so many beautiful rings here, seeing as I don't wear many rings I knew I wanted to find some super ones for me to wear. The huge stone one, is a very popular shell here, but they vary so much so it's hard to find the perfect one. I remember on one of my last shifts at work I saw an old lady rocking a necklace with a huge shell in it just like this. Ever since then I was hooked and was on the hunt for my own.

The rings were 180 baht each, or two for 300 baht. That works out 5-6 quid for the both. 
(cannot find the pound sign on this Thai keyboard... ha)
What a bargaaaain. The gold stone one really caught my eye, I didn't bother bartering down since I thought they were both at such an amazing price.

The lower necklace I'm wearing is also from the same store, there was no price on this so I asked, and she clearly just made it up off the top of her head... It's ok I was cool with that! 200 baht... Roughly 3.60 or so! I also didn't barter for this, I fell in love instantly so I had to have it!

The earrings... I bought this pair and another at the weekend markets in Bangkok. They were super cheap, For both pairs I paid 100 baht (which works out 1.80, 90p a pair!)

I've really learnt to love accessorizing out here. You find so many unusual pieces at incredible prices.
Yep, New York is super for cheap shopping, but for developing a personal style, and discovering unique pieces, Thailand is my No.1 Fashion place! I'm so excited to spend the rest of my money in Bangkok at the end of my trip. Bangkok is the best for bartering, since it's the city, and it's on mainland, they can try to cater for anyone's price requests. The islands are a little harder to barter for, since it costs more for the stock to come over my boat (I think that's why anyways!)

Ko Phangan, in general... Not my favorite island. I miss Ko Tao already. 
If you are planning to come to Phangan, only come for the full moon party (if that interests you...)
I personally wouldn't like to stay here for more than 2/3 nights... So 5 is pretty much a killer!
Tomorrow we leave for Ko Samui, I'M MEGA EXCITED!

Full moon party?
Yeah, great fun! It was more fun getting dressed up and painting for it!
The excitement for me died off after 2 or so hours of being there. Unless you're super intoxicated, then I'm sure you'd find a way to amuse yourself a lot more... but feel like crap in the morning.

I look forward to writing about Ko Samui, Railay, and Ko Phi Phi!



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