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OOTD - Railay

R A I  L A Y

Good afternoon y'all! (Well, good morning for you Brits at home!) 
Since I didn't get a chance to write a post in Koh Samui, I figured Railay was a perfect time to get a outfit post out there, since it's pretty damn quiet here so I have some spare time on my hands today! - Although, I figured shooting pictures alone is pretty darn hard, especially without a tripod, AND only having my Nikon Coolpix digi cam to shoot with.... I sure do miss my Canon in times like this.
So that's why the quality isn't so great!

Thailand, a place with no care in the world what you wear.
Anything goes out here. Non-matching sure is the new matching.
I threw on my comfiest pants this morning, which I scooped in Bangkok for an amazing 2.40 pounds (roughly!) Which I bartered down... although they were originally cheap, you can still go cheaper!
I instantly fell in love with the colours. 
A lot of people seem to wear these around the hips (very very low) I can't seem to bring myself to do that... I'm a high waist lover, so even if they're not meant to be high waisted.... 
I'ma hoist these badboys to the high heavens!
I teamed the baggy pants with a Urban Outfitters halter neck, one of the 3 tops I only brang away with me!
These halters were selling like hot cakes when I was still working there, so might possibly be out of stock.
I got this size halter in a 'S' since I prefer halters pretty tight, I've seen girls repping them in bigger sizes and haven't been to keen on the look, so just a warning that they do come up pretty big!

Layering jewels out here is great.
They don't even have to match, and you can go wild in numbers!
I previously posted about the stone necklace before, but haven't yet so about my silver one here.
Before I left someone really special to me told me to take this chain with me on my travels.
I've worn this chain every day, (mainly to sleep in since I don't wanna loose it) 
but it means a lot to me so had to feature it on my post.

Top - Urban Outfitters - 16 pounds
Pants - Bangkok Markets - 2.40 pounds
Stone neckace - Thailand purchase - 3.60 pounds
Sunglasses - Primark - 2 pounds
Silver necklace - (personal belonging)

Hopefully I'll have a few more outfit posts to come!
I can't believe I've been here for 3 weeks already, only 3 weeks to go



  1. Just spectacular Charlotte x

  2. You look amazing, those glasses just complete the outfit perfectly!!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  3. Love your hair babe & the glasses miss you xxx (the old bird) xx

  4. Hope you've had a lovely time, sounds so good.


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