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Sundown Smiler #Lifestyle

Another fine opportunity to snap some more pictures of Jack.
It was my final night in England before I left for Thai, and what beautiful weather it was.
Jack has some amazing fields at the back of his house, 
so we waited till sundown to make the most of it all.

Jack and his awesome mum made some tie dye pieces, one of them being Jack's tee in these shots.
As well as some really great tie dye bed sheets were made too! 
That's gon' be some funky ass bed right there.

As I've mentioned before, I really rate Jack's style. 
He pulled up at mine in this outfit and it was the first thing I noticed. 
Who said double denim is uncool?
I really like how this way of double denim is being styled with 2 shades of colour.
Black and blue. NICE. MC'LOVIN. NIIIIICE.

Taking these photos of Jack made me realize how much I miss taking photos.
Since leaving college where I studied Photography, it threw me off it all a bit and I didn't pick up the camera to take photos of other people as much. But when you find something (or someone for that matter) you're interested in, it sparks it all back again. So thanks Jack, for rekindling my love for taking photographs. I look forward to creating more creative projects with you soon.

Earlier that day I also got the chance to get some pictures of Jack skating.

So I really leave for Thailand today, still hasn't hit me yet...
I suppose you can tell from me sitting here writing a blog post?

Take care everybody!


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