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£50 Summer, Ft. Primark

- P R I M A R K -

Is it too late for a summer post?
It's still Summer. For some. Especially here in the states.

I've been meaning to shoot an All-Primark outfit for a very long time.
Primark, being my number one favourite high street store since I was like, 10!
I remember from a young age being taken with my nan on a day out to the Wood Green store, and being lost with the beauty of all the clothes. 10 years on, I feel even more strongly towards the beautiful clothing, how the brand has progressed massively, how it has become so successful in the fast fashion industry, and the quality of all the styles carries on to improve.

- THE D R E S S -

Trying to resist my spending after I came home from Thailand, entering a Primark was extremely tough... I saw this dress in the sale section, in 2 seperate stores, both in my size, and being the only one there. I ignored the first time, (even though it was down to an amazing FIVE POUNDS!) but after seeing the same dress in my size a second time, I had to have it. My boyfriend knew how much I wanted it and knew how much I was trying to resist spending, even such a small amount of money, so bought this beautiful dress for me! Ultimate babe, I'm so damn grateful.

- THE S H O E S -

AH. These babies. I remember around April time Primark posting these onto their website and Twitter page, proceeding to spill the beans on their Limited Edition collection. I kind of died inside when I saw these. I had to have them.. There was only one store I could go to for these with the hope of the Limited Edition collection being stocked there. Tottenham Court Road. My favourite store. (well, only when venturing in early in the mornings or just before close) I darted up to the top floor in desperate search of these bad boys. Just my luck, One pair left in a size 7. My size. Sometimes, ladies with big feet, have the best damn luck. I scooped these straight into the basket, and then saw they had the metallic, and white... With little in my bank I began to question how much this luck would proceed to give me. Now they're all in the basket... I warned the guy at the till about my card possibly declining... Oh and it bloody well did. Now I was being put under great pressure as to what colour to choose... White... Metallic... White... Boom. There it was, White. I'm thankful for my sharp decision and haven't looked back since! 

Jiminy Cricket, that was a paragraph and a half right. I do apologize. 
I got way to deep into telling that miraculous story!

- THE K I M O N O -

I bought at the beginning of the summer, 
and I shall continue to wear in the winter too!
At a full price of £7, shocked me. Such a great price for an amazing everyday piece. I tend to throw this over dresses, bikinis, crop tops teamed with MOM jeans, anything! The fringing is such an excellent effortless highlight which makes the kimono a real statement piece on it's own.

I'm uber excited to get my teeth sunk into the AW14 collection when I'm back from the states... I already purchased my first winter coat for the coming months in mid August... How could I not? You may had seen that perfect baby blue soft coat floating around the Primark facebook page, for a smashing £23! There was one left in the Chelmsford store, being a size 20. I tried it on with no possible hope, but I really really enjoyed the size, a huge huge boyfriend coat for me this winter! Thanks Primark! Now I can finally have a coat I can layer underneath and not feel to tight in!



(Rings, Sunglasses, Necklaces, Ankle Chains, Bracelets 
- All Thailand - £10)



  1. That dress is so beaut
    S xx

  2. Lovely Outfit! the dress suits you so well especially with that great lace cardi! xx Would you mind checking out my blog too? :))

  3. Love your style! This tropical dress really makes your eyes pop.

    I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.


  4. I really love your blog, you look fabulous! , maybe we can follow each other via Bloglovin, GFC? let me know on my blog and I’ll follow you back.

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  5. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm obsessed! You look phenom xx

  6. Lovely pictures need to find a kimono like this for my holiday next month! xx


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