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Brights & Checks // Primark

Brights + Checkz // PRIMARK

Yep, you guessed it, another Primark post!
First shoot I've done in flat shoes in a rather long time,
safe to say it felt very strange... and I felt extremely short.

If you had seen on my latest Primark haul these items shall look a tad familiar to you's!
I loved pairing these pieces together, I already had it all planned up in my head whilst storming round the shop as if I was on a severely itching mission.  I've always wanted to do a shoot at a train station, not expecting to be shot in the middle of live tracks... until I saw my boyfriend jump down I thought why the hell not! (although I knew the next train was expected for another 35 minutes, I was still a little shakey to say the least) the days' are getting colder, the nights are getting darker, the knitwear is slowly creeping into our AW14 wardrobe, so be bright and bold this year, (as well as damn comfortable) 


Hat - Primark - £9
Knitwear - Primark - £8
Trousers - Primark - £12
Shoes - Primark - £6
Bag - Primark - £12



  1. great pants and i wanna get that backpack too :O

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. This outfit is gorgeous, I love love love it! x

  3. The fact that you've followed us on bloglovin is MASSIVE! I absolutely love your blog and style so thank you very very much!

    this outfit is amazing btw! i wish i could pull yellow-mustard jumpers but with my blonde hair tone i think i'd look like a chicken!


    1. Ahhh thank you so much for the lovely comment! :) You've got a great blog, I hear you're both coming to London soon too! Awesome :) x

  4. Great shots! I can't believe you got on the tracks! I would have been scarrreeeddd!
    This actually inspires me to be a bit more adventurous with my outfit pics

  5. You are so adorable! I really like the fringes on the backpack because the way they fall reminds me of wings.

    By the way, I am hosting a MeMeBox giveaway, and the prize is phenomenal. It is opened to international readers, too, and I hope that you'll participate if you haven't already!

  6. I love your outfit! Beautiful pictures!

  7. your style is stunning!! i have nominated you for the one lovely blog award! :0 you can check out the details here xxx

  8. I've been looking for trousers just like these for ages - who knew the perfect pair would be in good old primarni!? Love the outfit!
    RosieLM - A Beauty(ish) Blog

  9. I love these photos so bloody much.


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