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Last month I had little inspiration clothing wise, when I don't see anything appealing in shops or online, it leaves me a little flat. Especially when there's nothing that takes my liking in Primark. But, as we break into Feb a little bit more, I'm seeing a lot more potential for this season. Starting with this jumpsuit. Usually jump suits (especially with a lairy print) don't tend to suit me to well. But I was drawn to the print, the shape, the colours, it all felt a bit right. So I had to team it with this gorgeous MG sale cardigan. I've been dying to blog about this beauty, but never got round to doing it last month. I was over the moon when I picked it up for 9.99 - I can't tell you how warm it is too! I had many loopy jackets as a small child, and with it being pink too, I feel frigging 3 again. Which I'm not complaining about. Would you believe that this head chain is from Primark....? I could never used to work the damn things out, they never fitted my head properly, so I took a chance on this one. And it's great! It's a little tack... but in a girly kind of tacky way... I liked. I thought a hat would look pretty sweet on top of it too, double-whammy-head-busy-ness, I'm cool with that.

In this shoot I got Jack to get playing around with my 50mm lens again. It's always a bit tricky getting used to it, and I'm still finding it a bit of a bugger. But, the pictures are such a better quality. I shall make sure I try to use this lens a whole lot more!



Thank you to the fabulous Jack Horscraft for taking these photos.
You're a massive help, I really appreciate you.

Loopy Cardigan - MissGuided (SALE) - £9.99
Jumpsuit - Primark - £13
Belt - Primark - £2
Head Chain - Primark - £4
Rings - Thailand - £3 for both
Boots - (Some american retail outlet in USA) - $30
Hat - Primark - £9


  1. I love the head chain! Wish I could pull off something like this x

    Anna | pretty pretentious

  2. you look beautiful :) I am in love with the head chain :) x

  3. I love your headpiece!!! It's amazing. You look fab.
    || D I A N A ||

  4. I love your outfit and i love the way you mixed a hat with headband !!! ♥

  5. Great outfit! Especially love the boots and headpiece!

  6. This outfit is lush! You look so beautiful :) great blog.

  7. Your recent video for valentines day makeup was great

  8. Amazing, love the print on he jumpsuit x

  9. Wow I loved very single detail of that outfit especially the jacket . That's Is defiantly a showstopper x :)


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