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Bouncy small tight curls kick frigging ass right?

A couple of weeks ago I uploaded a hair tutorial which was highly requested by my viewers. It's on the hair style you'll see below. 
It's a cheap & easy way to achieve the desired hair style, using Primark's awesome bendy rollers. (You get 8 rollers in a pack for £1! Madness!) The rollers are super durable, and a gorgeous shade of pink. I really recommend you guys checking out this tutorial if you fancy giving it a shot! 
I would love to see your results too! Some girls have instagrammed their hairstyles and they look awesome.


  1. Ah your hair looks amazing! My hair doesn't take to anything except dye haha, can't believe they're only a pound! cottonandcandie xx

  2. This is how I get my curly hair! It always looks more natural once the curls have dropped!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  3. I wish my hair had the right texture for this look! I love it!

  4. You look stunning! I wish my hair looked like that :)

  5. Wow, fab curls. I have heard good things about bendy rollers in the past. A great heatless option.

    Rachel |

  6. Wow! Those curls look really lovely and natural! I'll definitely check out your tutorial :)


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