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Recently I've been getting a lot of feedback regarding my '3 ways to wear a headscarf' video.
On YouTube, lots of my amazing viewers have warmed my heart with the lovely comments, then, on Twitter, a lot of negative feedback.
Actually, borderline plain ignorant and damn right rude.
I'm fed up of seeing this negativity on my twitter feed, what better way to release my fury than into a blog post?

(pictures from google)

First of all, I LOVE wearing a headscarf. All kinds of headscarves. In all kinds of styles.
As many other humans in this world do too. From ALL different cultural backgrounds.
I was recently requested to film a tutorial on how I like to wear them since many others wanted to do so too.


I'm SO done with this 'oh that's OUR thing' OUR?? WHO'S OUR?
There's people of all cultures fighting their arses off everyday to achieve equality,
and then there's those who are simply shitting all over it and blindly fueling backwards steps into segregation.
It seems like any style you try these days is claimed by the 'cultural appropriation police'
which can I just add, I believe is total bull crap. Only the most brain washed humans of this earth will buy into that.
It's funny because a lot of people that are giving me stick for wearing a headscarf are probably the ones that are sick of their culture for not being treated equally, make any sense to you? Nope, course it doesn't. 

"Oh wait, you're wearing jeans? Jeans?? 
Oh man, but you're not a cowboy?"

No, just no, that wouldn't be said now would it?
So why should the likes of a HEADSCARF (as in a piece of material that people tend to wear around their head) be treated in this way?
I was recently told that I shouldn't be wearing one because of my race, oh and because I'm not suffering from a hair disease. Oh right. 
Does that just rule out a piece of material for good then?

I am highly inspired by all the beautiful countries around the world, my inspiration doesn't differ based on race, culture, gender, 
or any other pigeon hole that people are put into. Why should anyone be offended by the embracing and enjoyment 
of something they perceive to be THEIR culture?
(which for the record, headscarves are not) Don't believe me? Check out the picture above.

I will continue to wear what I want, as you should do too.
I'm not going to stand for people giving me crap over social media for something as simple as a headscarf.

We are all EQUAL. Yes, E Q U A L.


  1. I love all the ways you can style them

  2. Coming from two very different cultures, we understand the issue of 'appropriation', but people shouldn't get picky about little things like headscarves! This is so true and they work really well as a nice fashion statement/accessory
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. You're absolutely right about the headscarves! But please list the correct source of the images you used (photographer or website), Google doesn't own them.

  4. I strongly agree with you love your post x

  5. Love reading your blog and watching your videos but you've lost me on this one :/

    I get that this is a very complicated issue, but please don't just blindly shout down those who are trying to get the other side of the argument accross -- I think that you should be more open to learning about this issue. I get that you mean no harm to anyone by wearing it, but your justification is basically "I like wearing it" and "It's just a piece of material" - neither of which are very persuasive tbh. The different styles in which headscarves are worn have different meanings - religious, fashionable, practical etc, and you should be open to learning about this if you are going to wear one. Headscarves bear a very religious and significant meaning to lots of people. At the end of the day your headscarf is not just a fashion item in the eyes of lots of people

    You might find these articles useful:

    "This isn’t a matter of telling people what to wear. It’s a matter of telling people that they don’t wear things in a vacuum and there are many social and historical implications to treating marginalized cultures like costumes."


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