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Hey everyoneeee! Happy Tuesday! What a gorgeous ol' day it is too.
Well. I hope you all had a super weekend, I frigging well did! As some of you may had known I was at Latitude Festival!
CAT Footwear invited me along to cover the festival with them, and I was gifted an amazing pair of CAT boots to wear! 
If you had seen my previous post, you would had known which ones!
Gold, sparkly, glittery, DISCO BOOTS! Utter perfection. 
And ridiculously comfortable!

This was my first time attending the festival, and what an awesome first time it was!
I love when festivals cater to every audience. I loved seeing 6 month old rave babies attend, as well as their nanny and grandad! It was super caaaa-ute!

Shorts - (Old Boohoo) - £9
Crop top - (Old Urban Outfitters) - £15
Bum Bag - (Bought in Ayia Napa) £4

On the first day it was super chilled! (and a whole lot less busier than the rest of the weekend!)
Me and Jack had no clue of any set times or anything and just seemed to wing it all day.
I knew for sure on the Friday that I really wanted to see Alt-J and hopefully see Russell Kane.
Just my luck... We sit down at the Comedy tent just before 5, then the lady introduces Russell to the stage!
I couldn't believe it! I was SO SO happy! Seriously, what were the chances?!
His set was incredible, and so much fun! The comedy tent had a great vibe.

My Cat boots were so perfect throughout the weekend.
On the second morning I found myself scrubbing them clean with baby wipes... Jack found this a little strange indeed. I just couldn't handle seeing them get overly filthy?! But then I realized, yep I am at a festival! Mud will be mud!

I bumped into my blogger babe Mika Francis (Wild Daze) on the bridge at the beginning of Saturday!
What are the chances?! I had no signal at all, and she had been trying to contact me! Perfect luck!

The day before I headed to Latitude I visited the lovely girls at Push PR!
They showed me around and introduced me to the new beauty & fashion ranges.
I instantly fell in love with Maria Nila's range! Temporary colours?! HELL YES! Count me right in.
I was fortunate enough to be gifted 3 colours (lilac, silver and pink) as well as the Silver Shampoo and conditioner!
I though it would be absolutely perfect for Latitude! And sure it was.
I love having pink hair, especially for fun occasions such as a festival! Here you can find the colour I used (click here) The shade is 'pop of pink' 
I will be hopefully doing a tutorial / review real soon!

P.s how gorgeous is the sunset above?! 


  1. love the disco boots! looks like you had a fantastic time, latitude is a festival i've always wanted to attend. maybe next year! x

  2. such fun looks

  3. u look amazing! soo envious on those CAT boots! x

  4. Your hair looks so nice! Those CAT boots are amazing! x

  5. festival style is always so fun which is why I adore this

    Infinity of Fashion// Lucy Jane

  6. Looks like you had a sick time babes! LOVING the pink hair on you too! BABE STATION! xx

  7. love these photos!

  8. Cute! This festival looks awesome!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
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