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Oversized dresses are the absolute tits. Seriously, I love them. 
Although, there is one thing which can suck about them.... That is, having, tits. 
Well, that's just marvelous. 

It sucks that being blessed with a chest can have it's mighty downfall when you just wanna let your tummy breathe out in a far from sassy sack dress. They just stick out and create some kind of 8 month  preggers looking tummy. Cheers, Monki.
But hey, that will never stop me wearing oversized dresses.
They're a must have in my wardrobe- especially for the much cooler seasons.
I find that oversize dresses are so easy to style since they tend to become the statement piece of your outfit.

Monki is pretty damn awesome right?
Soph and Laura took me in briefly to the Monki store on Carnaby st, for my very first time!
I had only recently checked out their stuff on ASOS- and am a HUGE fan. This dress was a must have for me.
I had heard that their sizes can be pretty big, so I opted for the size 'S' in this dress.
I had plenty of room and felt ever so comfortable in it.
It's like a towel material- pretty bizarre but great for these cooler days.
With the sunshine still out to play I've decided to wear this dress with my fav Public Desire shoes.
I have these in faux black suede and they're just amazing.
The white pair are currently in the sale so go grab them whilst you can!


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  2. The shoes! That's what I'm focusing on... How amazing are they??!

    Stunning photos, love them x

  3. This dress looks amazing on you, love the print! I'm obsessed with oversized dresses too, so easy to throw on in the winter! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  4. I've never shopped at Monki but have only ever heard great things about this. Adore you style, this dress is so lovely!

    Hannah | Oh January

  5. Girrrrrl stop looking so good!

  6. You look so amazing. Love the outfit!

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  7. Great look! x

  8. Bloody beautiful babes, those shoes are soooo nice!! xx

  9. love this dress

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  10. Your house is far too photogenic, I absolutely love it! xx

  11. Love this look! And I'm so tempted to buy those shoes!

    Isobel x
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