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Hello & good evening you wonderful lot.
How are you liking my new look? Strange right?
'WTF, who is CH32 and what has she done with Crave Green Velvet?'

On Sunday I said goodbye to Crave Green Velvet.
It's something I've had in mind for the past 9 or so months now, so thought I better see it through.
Once it's been on my mind for that long I cannot see anything else other than doing it!
I'm not sad, I don't regret it, change is good. 

I got to the point where when I was seeing Crave Green Velvet I felt a bit annoyed.
It wasn't the image I was putting out to the world any more. I don't even wear green velvet any more.
It's also a huge tongue twister. Like, try saying that when you're pissed.
I've grown a lot in fashion sense, and generally as a human in the past 2 and a half years.
I'm not the same person as my 18 year old self that's for sure.
I wanted to see the new year in as a fresh. New blog, new feel, new direction, yeah.
I head off travelling in under two weeks, so this site will be awesome to document it all on.

So, I bet you're wondering, Why CH32?
As some of you may know, my Instagram is under the name of CH32.
A username which I thought would be over with in the first few weeks of ever using Instagram.
I couldn't had been more wrong. Instagram blew up massively over the past couple of years.
So I didn't really want to change my short username to Crave Green Velvet, and I'm pretty glad that I didn't.

Wanna hear more about the switch over?
Check out my latest video by clicking here.



  1. Change is always good! Looking forward to your travel blogs too <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. That top and trousers.. asos never fails! X

  3. Love the change, love the new name and love the top!!!

    Franki x

  4. Love the new graphics and and so glad you are making more videos again!x

  5. It does make a lot more sense changing your blog name to your Instagram name as people will be able to find you a lot better and will understand who you are a lot better. Loving the new logo by the way! Definitely your sort of look!

    Isobel x
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