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The 1975 Gig Review // Sheffield & Brighton

As I sit on this train to Kanchanburi listening to The 1975, so many awesome memories come back to me from seeing them perform live in November.

First I saw them on their UK tour on the 14th of November in Sheffield, which was absolutely insane. I had never been to Sheffield before, so that was an experience as well. I travelled up via a national express coach, which only cost £5 each way. It was a 4 hour trip from London Victoria but I knew any trip would be worth it to see the band perform an incredible set as they always do.

I was pretty close to the front which was awesome, since being 5ft2 really sucks in situations like that. The crowd was alive, roaring & hungry to see the band in action. Rat Boy got the crowd pumped even more before The 1975 came on at 9pm. I was so excited for what I was about to watch, I almost felt a heart palpitation about to come on. They kicked it off with 'Love Me' - the first single released from the new album which is set to be released in late February. They're complete geniuses, each one of them, in their own magical way. That opening song set the room on fire, the vibe was truly through the roof, I've never seen so many smiles (and pissing camera phones but hey ho that's a whole different conversation) 

It was a hefty set, like they always do! Which is great for us, but mind blowing in the sense that they have that much energy to perform like 17 odd songs each night. Truly fascinating. Throughout the set they played songs from the first album as well as 5 or so new songs. I was speechless. The new songs were a breath of fresh air. I'm so very excited for the world to hear them, and for myself to hear them again on album. My favourite new song of the night had to be 'Somebody Else'. I saw the nervousness in Matty's eyes as he sang it. You could tell he was scared for the crowds response. Though, It went down an absolute storm, of course it was going to. Many looked around at others when some of the lyrics were spoken, but that was expected, Matty is a lyrical genius and knows how to turn heads in that sense.  Some of my ultimate favourites such as 'Me' and 'Fallingforyou' were played, which were sensational to watch. 

It was hard to explain how the gig left me feeling. I could only describe it if it was an out of body experience. I felt as if my soul had left my body and danced with the devil above the crowd. My happiness levels were sky high, I could had never believed that a band could make me feel the way I felt that night.

After a delightful trip home from Sheffield I had the pleasure of seeing them again two weeks later in Brighton. I went alone again and stayed down south for the night. Again the national express coaches were bluddy awesome, costing me a £10 for a return. I stayed in the beach front Travelodge which was only a 30 second walk from the venue- result!

The queuing system was diabolical to get into the venue. I started queuing from 4ish, since I had eaten & explored Brighton throughout the day. It got to 6:30 where people started going a bit crazy. Everyone stood up & then a flurry of humans from the back of the queue just ran to the front... It was mind boggling since no one was moving anywhere, and there was no security outside at all. It sucked for people like I and so many others who had been queuing earlier throughout the day. There should had been barriers put in place for queuing but there was none apart from two at the front doors. Gah. Thinking of it makes me a little mad. There was so many girls that couldn't handle the pushing and began to suffer real bad with their breathing. Many were pulled out and unable to enter the venue. A few had their tickets pinched too whilst queuing, which was heartbreaking to see. After the hideous start to getting into the venue, I was in. People were running like I've never seen, I mean, come on guys, if we all chilled the hell out we could stand in the crowd in harmony, but no, people took 'getting the barrier' as a serious matter. It was another great performance by The 1975. This venue was a LOT bigger than the smaller o2 academy in Sheffield, and for some reason this crowd were a lot angrier too. At one point of the show I felt as if I wanted to be pulled out so I could watch from some place a little less manic at the back of the room, but I didn't. I tried my best to zone out and enjoy the gig and eventually succeeded. There was SO many kids too, their young fan base is the only thing that manages to piss me off about seeing them live. The day they do an over 21's show will be frigging magical (never going to happen Charlotte, keep dreaming) I mean, when you're next to a handful of 12 year olds & their designated parent and they're chanting 'WE WANT SEX' as well as screaming how Matty makes them feel it makes me feel rather awkward, but, they're just girls... I guess. 

After the show I headed back to the hotel to grab a thicker coat & a scarf to wonder out for a bit. I headed round the back of the venue to see if there was any chance of meeting the band, I wasn't the only one with that in mind. The queue was mental (yep I said queue). After an hour or so of queuing & being shuffled back by the security team, the band came out, I couldn't quite believe what was going to happen, I was going to meet my favourite band. There was so many things I wanted to say, but you know when you just loose your words? Yeah, that happened. From what I remember I told Matty how awesome his coat was, leading on to try and explain how the performance I had watched that night & in Sheffield made me feel. I was a bit of a shaken mess though, but I think he got the idea. There was a lot of fans to get through so it felt as if it was over in seconds, I managed to get a great photo with them which was lovely. Although, I always feel a bit strange getting a photograph with overly known people in the media. I've heard Matty say many times before that they don't dig the selfie life, I completely understand that. It would piss me off too being in a band surrounded by younger selfie loving fans. I hold a great amount of respect for the band coming out after a full on show and meeting their fans into the night, not many bands would stand for that at their level of popularity. I over heard a girl in the queue say 'if they don't come out I'm going to give Matty such a earful if I see him' that annoyed me hearing that. The 1975 are not coming out here just for your sake sweetheart, especially if they're in for a bollocking. 

Any way, I best round this long ass article up right? Overall, The 1975 manage to blow my mind yet again. I'm so looking forward to hearing their new album, and for what's to come of them in 2016.


  1. I watched your vlog on the Brighton gig and I'm so sorry about all those rude people who queue jumped! It was the same when I went to see James Bay this year. We spent ages queuing and then all these other people turned up 5 minutes before letting us in and they all got in before us! I think gigs need much better security!

    Ashleigh from

  2. You were so lucky ot get a picture with them!

    Isobel x
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  3. I'll be seeing them in Dublin in a few months, now I'm so excited! Sounds like a wild few nights though! X


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