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Koh Lanta Sunset Thailand

Helllllo guys! I am alive & well despite my absence! 
I'm currently into my first month of travelling S.E Asia as some of you may know already, so I'm slacking in the blogging department at the moment- though I can assure you of some great travel content coming over the next 6 months. 
Happy New Year for a start! I'm SO behind! I really didn't want to miss out on doing a 2015 overview, even though I'm a latecomer on the topic I'm going to go ahead and do it any way! Screw the cliche-ness to it all, if you had a great year, talk about it!

2015 was fricking fantastic. My best year yet that's for sure. I started the year very lost and confused about everything. I had weird feelings throughout the first few months of uncertainty and feelings such as 'what am I even doing?' There were so many tears about money & career concerns, which turned my skin into a mess (that didn't help at all). January kicked off with turning 21. With the little money I had I still wanted to aim to be away for my birthday. Me and Jack found some amazing flights for £30 each to Barcelona (yep, return!) we booked them up straight away. AirBNB hooked us up with an amazing Barcelona local which was great. After that trip I wanted to make sure 2015 was full of travel. 

Viewpoint in Barcelona 2015

We got back early February and began to set our hearts on our next trip, searching Ryanair for the cheapest flights we didn't care about where we were going. Berlin was our next stop in the beginning of March, it was great to get out of the U.K again and explore a new city. My feelings about life got better with the more I thought about travelling. There's something about the U.K I cannot stand, I can't be there for long without wanting to poke my eyes out and feed them to a bunch of badgers. 

Retro Photobooth in Berlin

When we got back in March we booked flights to Switzerland the following month. £25 return flights how could you say no? Experiencing a road trip around Switzerland was a HUGE dream of mine. So that's what we done. We booked a car for a week out there and made it happen, we circled the are whole country starting from Basel and ending in Basel. Switzerland was incredible, though very pricey (we took a lot of our own food from home and ate on road side BBQ's). I made a Switzerland travel series on YouTube which I loved creating. 

Travel Switzerland Road Trip YouTube

When we got home in May we were pretty low on cash. We kept our eyes on travel deals but since it was coming up to the summer holidays it all got a little too pricey. April through to the summer months that some amazing events in the pipeline! Next's jukebox party, Public Desire's 1st birthday party, Swimwear 365's rooftop party, Vans party at the house of vans with access all a ASOS, any many more! In 2015 I had met some AMAZING girls through blogging, who I stay in touch with regularly now, we go to events together & even have our own blogger group chat.

June came around pretty quickly and we were itching to have a trip to look forward to. This month I had work lined up with the amazing Dawn O'Porter in her pop up vintage store. I had met Dawn at her launch party the month before, as well as having a styling/dress up day at her store. It was great getting to get to know her a little more & having the opportunity to dress up in beautiful vintage pieces all day. One night in June I was alone whilst Jack was in London, I was searching for some flights to Bangkok for over the Christmas period, and found some great return flights for £340 each leaving 7th of December & arriving back in the U.K in February. I rang Jack straight away, he was so keen too so we booked them up that minute. thankfully I had just been paid so it worked out perfectly. After the transaction went through I had £50 to my name. I would had panicked so much if It was 6 months earlier but I began to love just 'winging it' in 2015. I don't like the idea of playing by some rule book of how your life 'should be' at whatever god damn age. 

Dawn O'Porter Blogger

A few weeks had gone by & we were looking at flights again (ADDICTED), this time it was to the states for 5 weeks for after we get back from Asia. Jack had his heart set on being at SBSW in Texas next year so that's what we wanted to make happen. Jack's work were happy enough to pay his way to go to America (flights, festival tickets etc) so he could do his work out there too. We booked our flights at some crazy good price... £400 return with Virgin airways, flying into Florida and out from L.A - so we definitely had another road trip in mind. I couldn't believe we were doing it, I then also thought to myself that I seriously need some somewhat steady money coming in to achieve this trip. 

In July Jack and his family moved house & moved to a different village. I kind of moved with them, I guess?! I never like to admit I've moved out, I guess, I have two bedrooms now, but one of them I'm in more than the other. Me and Jack get on with eachother so damn well, we're pretty inseparable which feels amazing. So living together is incredibly easy. 

At the end of July I picked up some temporary receptionist work at the Essex Probation service. I know what you're thinking.... Bit of a crazy change right compared to fashion? I had my eyes on the money and my god did I save like hell. I ended up being at the office until the end of October, so just over 3 months! it flew by. I managed to save almost £4000 for my travels. I knew that's all I would need, and all I would allow myself to spend. 

In September I had another amazing trip lined up. This time it was a blogger trip away to Marbella with Mark Hill. Pretty amazing right?! I had tested out his new products in the summer and was simply amazed. That's all I mainly use, even out here in Thailand I've got bottles of his stuff with me! I cannot thank Label PR enough for the spectacular opportunity, I had a blast with the other bloggers who went, Mark Hill himself & of course the Label PR team. 

Blogger CH32 with Mark Hill

In October I was shortlisted for the Cosmopolitan blog awards in the Fashion blogger category! I was in the office & was casting my vote for Sophie Hannah Richardson then found my blog shortlisted in the following section. I was super shook up. 

Shortlisted bloggers for cosmo blog awards 2015

November was a crazy month. Full of Christmas blogger parties, the Cosmo blog awards, travel preparations, YouTube scheduling, and a last minute blog relaunch. I wanted to see in the new year under a new blog name, CH32, some of you may know me from my Instagram name. It was a fun two years being under Crave Green Velvet, but I felt as if that wasn't me any more. I didn't feel motivated by my blog in the last few months of 2015, so a major change was needed. blogger

November didn't stop there, I had two more crazy trips away to Sheffield & Brighton to see The 1975 (see my vlogs & read my review to find out more!) it was insane to say the least. I realized towards the end of the year about my who my true friends were. I'm looking forward to leaving so many faces behind in 2016. Those who have continuously ignored me over the past months, are simply not worth the bother. If you find that your only conversation with each other is high school banter quotes, you know your time is done there. Remember, It's ok to outgrow people. 

In 2015 I met the 1975

Another year has been spent with my love, Jack Horscraft, I've enjoyed getting to know him even more than I do & experiencing so much with each other. There are no words good enough to even begin to describe how much he means to me. I couldn't be happier sharing parts of our life together.

Now I'm laying in my sleeper bed on this bumpy rail journey down to Kuala Lumpur thinking how truly awesome 2015 was. I'm smiling like mad with severe excitement on what's around the corner. 

Love what you do, do what you love.
Make your 2016 fantastic, no one else is going to make it great for you.


  1. What an amazing year!! I can't wait to see what you achieve in 2015! And you've had such a fab start!! Keep going girl 😘 So happy to have met you xxxx

  2. Sounds like an amazing year! Charlotte I wish you an even greater year and a LOT of fun in SE Asia! Keep up the good times, what you're doing now is what you'll remember when you're 80.

  3. In awe over your blog, very jealous of your 2015 but glad you achieved so much. Hope you're enjoying traveling!! x


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  5. What a fabulous year! Travelling is literally the best and creates some of the best memories! here's to a fabulous 2016!


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