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IHOP Pancake House America


What's up Americaaaaa! Oh it's good to be back here, but doing it proper this time!
Some of you may know, me and Jack are currently on a 5 week road trip around the south coast of the states.
Starting in Florida, ending up in L.A baby! It's going to be an amazing adventure.
Me & Jack had planted the seed when we first got together, we had no idea that it would be this soon we would be making it happen though! Jack has wanted to go to SXSW in Texas since he was a teen, so I'm so glad we've managed to work a full blown road trip around the week we'll be spending in Texas.

We landed in Orlando, where we picked up the car & vroom vroom'd out of the city to head to the south west coast. 
We made very last minute plans to stay with an American family in Fort Myers for a few days, Jack knew The Adam's family through family back at home, what a result right?! They were so welcoming when we arrived, it was such a lovely stay with them all, we actually ended up staying for 5-6 nights! It was amazing to visit Sanibel Island again, and check out Fort Myers some more.

We visited our first ever IHOP's, I can't express how excited I was to try their pancakes.
Trust me, they were worth the hype. I had the white chocolate chunk & rasberry pancakes, they were damn tasty, Jack went for the double blueberry. They literally have unlimited syrups on your table, FOUR KINDS OF SYRUP. Guys, if you know me you know how much I seriously dig my pancakes, so it was safe to say I was lapping up the syrup! *gains an extra 5lb thinking about it*

Rasberry & White Chocolate Pancakes

When we arrived at the Adam's household, we were recommended to go & catch the sunset on one of their kayaks out through the river into the sea. It was only when we got around to the sea did I then realize I was actually mortified of open water. We were also in a manatee zone too which kinda tipped me over (thankfully not literally). It's ok though, I braved a smile and soaked in the beautiful views. 

IHOP International Pancake House

Fort Myers Sunset in the sea

Fort Myers Kayaking

Sunset over Fort Myers

SS16 Sunglasses

Happy with my donuts

Ok, there's a reason behind these Dunkin donut pics!
We dropped the kids off to soccer one evening (such a soccer mom right?) afterwards we fancied a DD so bad, so we popped in store about 45 minutes before closing time, and my god were we in luck.
At first we were planning on just sharing one donut, not thinking we would end up taking home 16 FREE donuts (not even paying for the first!)
The lovely staff give away their donuts instead of throwing away the left over stock, which is AMAZING if you ask me. Why would anyone be forced to chuck out un used circles of beautifully created dough? I personally think it should be illegal. 
Anyways, we started off by choosing 4 magical donuts... but then Jack went in for another 12 for the family!
Any how, we loved the dunkin donut crew, and their delicious styles of donuts, so thank you for making our night!

Florida Dunkin Donuts
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I hope you enjoyed my brief over view of what we got up to in the week! I'll be doing more in depth videos on our road trip. I'm slowly getting used to writing again, I wanna be back in full swing at it again! It'll come in time I'm sure.


  1. I miss America - sounds like your trip's been amazing!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. So many gorgeous pictures, and so much scrummy looking food! x

  3. Those donuts looks amazing! Lucky you getting them for free!

    I've always wanted to road trip the US. Hopefully one day! Looking forward to your posts x

  4. Your trip sounds so much fun! And lots of delicious foooood! I so want a donut now.


  5. This looks so amazing! I hope you don't mind me asking but how much money did you take out with you? You've really made me want to do a trip like this with all your instagram pictures, but I am totally clueless as to a realistic amount I'd need to save

    Can't wait for your road trip video!
    Abi x

  6. Christ. I keep stumbling across posts that have some food related items involved. I'm so hungry but this was a great post.


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