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Primark Haul April 2016

So before I left for America, I filmed you guys a brand new Primark haul!
Whether you're looking for some holiday outfit inspiration, ways to spice up your wardrobe, or just a general snoop at what's new in Primark, I'm sure my video will be great help!
Primark have got some fantastic SS16 in right now, & the flow isn't stopping either! There's more & more gorgeous new styles every blooming week.
In my recent haul I featured my favourite picks from the store! Check out my Primark Haul April 2016 haul.

I've found that filming 'try on' hauls really help people with what sizing to buy in Primark.
I personally find a lot of difference in sizing in different brands, so it's still always new to me finding out what fits and what doesn't, this is why bloggers are useful in that sense. Bloggers are so relate able to their readers, we're all humans that have similar shopping taste, so, I guess bloggers are kinda like your 'girl-next-door-personal-stylist-affordable-loving-human-slash-internet-friend' too much...? .... any way, you get my point right? So when I have viewers that generally enjoy watching my Primark hauls, it's half because they want to see what's new in, & half because they can relate to my style and like the pieces I find in Primark.

I'm going to aim to film a Primark haul each month, since it does have SUCH a high turn over in stock, meaning there really are new styles coming in all the time as I mentioned earlier. That's just the world of fast fashion though right? We all get bored of clothes so quickly these days, so having fast fashion brands in our lives such as Primark & BOOHOO is a huge help for people of today who are always looking forward to their next clothing purchase.

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  2. I like the denim button up skirt! I've always had my eye on them but still haven't tried the trend out yet

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