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SUNGLASSES. Something I have WAY too many of.. but, does that stop me? Of course it doesn't, I doubt it ever will either. This does call for an emergency on the ol' storage practicality of them though, I will need at least another book shelf to hang them all against.. (confused? Stay tuned for my room tour, OR just tune in to my SnapChat more often @ CHARHOLE).

Ok Ok, I'll admit it, this sunglasses wish list is a TEEENY WEENY bit biased- but I cannot help but adore Quay Australia's new range of sunglasses guys.. How could I not feature at least 10 different styles of theirs? I was recently gifted a beautiful pair of Quays from their previous collection, they'll be featured in a new in/favourites haul of mine which I'm super excited to show you! This was my first ever pair of Quays, & definitely won't be my last. Over the past year I've been trying on Quay's in every possible store, most of the styles seem to fit my face really well which is important when purchasing the right pair of sunglasses. This SS16 season they have some incredible styles in... like, the only thing stopping me right now is the lack of sunshine in the U.K right now... Come on Britain, It's April already, we should be popping our shirts off to your double digit heat waves by now right? *wakes up from dreaming about the USA*

Any ways, I bet you're thinking, ERRRR, how much are they? This is what I love about Quay Australia. The prices. They genuinely suprised me. When I first saw Sarah Ashcroft wear them a year or so back, I thought they would be no lower than £100 a piece... I was so wrong. Some of my favourite styles start from just £25, which is amazing right?! Now you've heard the price- I bet you're questioning the quality huh? Well, no need to worry, the quality is pretty damn good. They appear to be super durable so far. I've had them loose in my bag a couple of times & I've had no scratches, don't worry, I won't be forgetting my sunglasses holder next time, just to be on the safe side!

YAY-BAN. I do love a classic Ray Ban. I was so damn excited when I received my first ever pair of Ray Bans a couple of weeks back. I was so damn in love with their new look book that I was so torn between what pair I loved that little bit more than the others... Oh god, reading that is making me look like such a 'First world problems' kinda girl, BUT, I got a lot of love for those beautiful creations you hook around your ears, to protect your eyes, from that huge ball of fire in the sky. I chose a classic pair of tan aviators. Yep, I did. Though, not just any classics, they came with a bit of a twist- they had a funky ass tortoise bar above the frame which made them extra special. I'm just not going to wear them too high above my face though, since that funky looking bar can also make me look like a not so funky Frida Kahlo (I'm referring to her mono-brow if you're lost at this point). So, Ray Ban, it's a yes from me- now I'm hooked on your other styles. I'm heading to the airport this week, so you'll be able to find me at a Sunglasses Hut trying on every possible style.

Another brand I've been loving recently is Gentle Monster. I found these designer glasses whilst in Bangkok actually- I was at a huge market were these beautiful things caught my eye straight away. These stand at a much higher price point compared to Quay Australia but damn are they worth it. These feel like magic when they're on your face. Don't believe me? Cool. I suggest you head to a stockist & try them out for yourself babes.

Which pair are you loving most?


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