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Regal Rose A Dark Lure SS16 Collection

Paisley can be cool, guys, it can.  IT IS COOL.

Guide to rocking the paisley print:
1.  It's great if we find the right type of paisley that suits us. 
2. If we just accept paisley is just a print that wants to be loved again.
3. If we just screw the above opinions & rock it any ways.

Paisley. Ew. Question Mark. Paisley...//...?
Maybe it's just me, but, I feel that the paisley print has had a tough few years.
I feel that it had a good time, in 2010... but now it's come back knocking at my door for a little bit more attention. What are your thoughts on paisley guys? Are these paisley thoughts all inside my little brain?

I ordered this dress from Boohoo with a love hate kinda feeling- It was the print I was unsure of, but guys, enough slating the ol' paisley, I am SO sure on this dress. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I slipped it on, I think that's why I loved it so much too, because, it just slipped on... it was meant to be on my body guys, THANK YOU BOOHOO.

The cut & over all shape of this dress is so flattering. I loved the triangular / fish tail shaped bottom of the dress. Wanna hear what I love most though? Yep, you're probably thinking it too! - 100% has to be the floaty arms. DANG. I love them a lot. There is something about this feature that has made the upper part of my body so much more eye catching- I feel LIKE A BUTTERFLY!! Eeeeee. It's always good to find a dress you feel really good in, like, it's genuinely good for the soul. If you find that dress that you find yourself wanting to sleep in at night, you got a winner girl.  

My jewellery from Regal Rose has become a massive part of my day to day wearings, I've frigging loved Regal Rose for a LONG time now- & I love seeing my collection grow. Each piece is so beautiful & means a lot to me. By the way, the longer chain is a fair bit longer, I just tied it at the back  (with a small hair elastic) to make it shorter for the outfit.

Hat - Urban Outfitters | Jacket - H&M (old) | Bag - LAMODA | Boots - Public Desire (old)

UK Fashion blogger CH32 boho outfit SS16

Hippie Boho Inspiration SS16

Regal Rose Choker

Bleach blonde hair

Regal Rose rings & chokers

Paisley long dress

UK Fashion & Travel Blogger

Hat - Urban Outfitters | Jacket - H&M (old) | Bag - LAMODA | Boots - Public Desire (old)


  1. That dress is lovely, super cute! x

  2. Gorgeous! I love paisley and the colours in that print look amazing with your hair <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  3. Trust me, this paisley dress looks wonderful on you! I know what you mean about a slight love-hate relationship with paisley, I always look at it and think 'meeeeeh' but generally after trying it on I'm sold!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  4. Love this outfit! I'm such a paisley fan <3

    Sarah |

  5. Oh Charlotte you're so insanely beautiful it kills me!
    Rocking those babing festival vibes like no other! I LAV YA! X

  6. You are one hell of a mega babe!!! xx

  7. Wow, I love this! You wore the paisley so well


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