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5 Must Have Travel Apps

Top 5 Travel Apps 2016

After travelling a lot over the past 2 years, travel apps have become a bit of a must have on my iPhone.
I often get asked "Which apps are your favs?" so here are my top 5!

Getting around: 

Is your data not covered abroad? Yep, it's rare to find a supplier that actually does!
(Though I recommend you checking out 3 mobile! I'll cover on that another time)
Anyways- Maps.Me. HELLO. What a fantastic app this is. No more screen-shotting your google maps when you've found a spot of Thai-fi only to find you've lost your sense of direction 30 seconds after turning down 2 unknown alley ways.  It's basically an offline maps for ALL OVER the world. You can download a particular city, or country to become fully available offline. AMAZING. We had this app all throughout our time in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam & Cambodia- & it worked an absolute treat.

Download Maps.Me here

Local Accommodation: 

AH. What a glorious app & website you are. 
I first started using Airbnb almost 2 years ago. My first ever trip using Airbnb was to Paris, and since then I've been hooked! I've used Airbnb to stay in great places such as Berlin, Barcelona & Switzerland. You can really find some bargains on here- & there really is a place for everyone! Whether you prefer to have a place to yourself, or stay with the owners- I personally love both! 
In Switzerland me & Jack had got so tired of sleeping in a economic TINY car for the week we decided to book a last minute AirBNB with an amazing Swiss family- although little English was spoken, it was fantastic to have dinner all together & even teach the kids some basic English.
Me & Sophie Hannah Richardson have just booked a beautiful AirBNB for our week away in Croatia next week- it's all very exciting! The place was super affordable, & is literally 50 meters away from the beach.  Thank you Mika Francis for the recommendation for the town we'll be staying in!

Download AirBNB here

Exploring Cities: 

You've probably heard of this one if you're in London on the regs. This is the only app I use for being in London- actually, not JUST London. There is SO many different cities this app is fabulous for. Birmingham & Manchester have recently been added in the U.K section- as well as LOADS of European cities too! Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Rome to name a few... even Asia is being introduced to City Mapper, with Singapore & Hong Kong on the city list! There's a LOT of American cities on the list too- so if you're heading to L.A soon you know what app you need to get yourself. I've used the app in the mentioned Euro countries, & it was so helpful having it on my phone. I knew it would be a life saver since there's hardly a time I don't use it whilst in London. The app helps you from getting to A to B. Whether you want a tube option, a bus only route, or even a rain-shielded route (& no, I'm not joking!)

Download CityMapper here

Cheap Flights Comparison:

My absolute FAV for finding cheap flights. If you don't use SkyScanner to search for your flights, then you really must! There's not a single day I don't use this app & website. I'm ALWAYS looking for the next flight- as some of you may see on my SnapChat quite a lot (@ CHARHOLE) if you do follow me, you would had seen that I found a flight back from Copenhagen for only £1! Yep, you saw it for your own eyes. basically searches across all the airlines for the cheapest flights, instead of you going through each airline website yourself- let SkyScanner do the work for you. My favourite bit about using SkyScanner is the freedom of the destination part- let me explain. Every time I use SkyScanner I generally just want to see what country is cheapest to fly to from London- or wherever I'm planning to/from! & SkyScanner allows you to just search for instance: London to 'Everywhere' - which is fantastic. I can literally see where's cheapest to fly to over the month of July (or whatever chosen month!) - So for this winter, I'm looking at flying either at the very end of December or in January- but me & Jack aren't too sure where to yet- this is where SkyScanner comes in and kicks ass. We can search where's cheapest on what date, so now we have a few different options in mind on when and where to travel! I'm seriously obsessed with it. Interested in finding car hire & hotels too? SkyScanner has you covered with those bits also!

Download SkyScanner here

When to book flights tool:

This app is so cool. Have you ever wondered when is the best time to book your flights? When is the cheapest to fly? Hopper is for you. Hopper offers flight predictions, so it can tell you when the flights you are looking at are due to fall in price. Hopper also gives you it's honest opinion on whether you should book your flights right now or not- for example I've just searched for a one way ticket to Bangkok from London, Hopper has given me a coloured calendar indicating it's lowest fares which is super helpful. The dates marked green are the lowest- meaning the amber & red are the highest. Hopper has notified me during my search which read the following: "You should wait for a better price, but book before June 27th" - it's so clever right?! The notification also lead on to saying that prices will climb up to a £100 more if I book after the recommended date. This app is perfect for those who are open with their travel dates, as well as destination. It's free & so easy to use- so why would you bother going to a travel agent?

Download Hopper here

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