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Lost Village! Wow, what a funky ass festival indeed.
I was invited along this year with to attend Lost Village Festival in Lincoln. 
It's been the 2nd year running for Lost Village I believe, & damn did they put on a good festival!
I've never experienced any other festival quite like it, it was very unique!
Though, Latitude springs to mind if I had to compare! Ever been to Latitude festival? It kinda had that vibe, with most of the festival being set in the woods.

The music was very housey... Which I can totally get into, but, I do like a variety at a festival.
I usually go to festivals based on it's line up, and this festival proved to me that, that doesn't have to be the case!
I only knew of Fat Boy Slim to perform on the Friday night- & other than that I knew no other acts, which is great! You get to drift in and out of different DJ's doing their thang, & then you have heard of a new bunch of awesome acts to add to your sound cloud playlist when you get home.

Me & Jack drove up on the Friday, we got in soooo frigging late due to the crazy traffic around the Cambridge area, but we were in no rush so it was fine! We pre-planned our car camping situation before we left home, so it was ready for us to just crash in after seeing Fat Boy Slim that night. We didn't camp simply because we have no camping stuff haha... & we much prefer sleeping in cars! We had a full on duvet, sofa cushions laid out, & a LOAD of pillows- we had a decent nights sleep that's for sure! Jack has a Ford estate, so it's pretty lengthy to sleep his 6ft2 body. Though- we went & saw Mika & Henry's Driftwood camper van & it was bluddy unreal!

Any waysssss, Fat Boy Slim was SO good! I had never seen him live before, but damn does he put on a good show! I loved his constant energy throughout the set, it was inspiring to watch- seeing as he's been doing this for the past 20 odd years, it was so beautiful to see that the passion was still pumping through!

It was a super fun & chilled weekend. Spent my time with so many great human beings, with non stop smiles & good vibes!! That's what life's about right? Shout out to my loves Mika Francis @ Wild Daze, Lucy, Tigerlily, Heidi Petite & Heli! Also shout out to Milo & Hectors ice cream sandwiches- guys!!! It was just what my mouth needed.

Thank you to Rokit Vintage for bringing me & Jack along for the ride! It was epic.

Would I recommend Lost Village festival? 
Yes, yes, yes! 100%. It had such a great vibe which I loved.

What festival are you heading to next?
I thiiiink I'm heading to WildLife festival not this weekend, next weekend!
It's in Brighton, I LOVE Brighton so much! So that should be fun.

What is your dream festival for this summer?
Well, obvs got to be... Benicassim! That's been the festival I've always dreamed of attending.

Wanna see more of my trip to Lost Village?
Don't forget to check out my Lost Village After movie! You can view it by clicking here.

Lips - Kylie Jenner in Mary Jo K // Belt - River Island // Sunglasses - (Bangkok) 

car camping UK festivals

Vintage Dungarees

Head Jewels - The Gypsy Shrine // Dress - Boohoo // Boots - CAT Footwear UK // Dungarees - Wranger Jeans

UK Festivals 2016

Lips - Kylie Jenner in Mary Jo K // Belt - River Island // Sunglasses - (Bangkok) 

Lost village festival 2016


  1. Your outfits looked amazing, need to get myself to some more festivals!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Sounds and looks like you had an amazing time! Your photos are fab, so cool x

  3. i've loved all the phots from this festival, looks right up my street! will try n go to the next one!

  4. I love festivals like this where you can just float around and discover new things

    love all your make-up - commitment!

    A Forte For Fashion


  5. Great blog post. that sounds like an awesome festival. love your face make up and the costumes, so dope !

  6. This looks so fun and I really love your outfit! I really need to go to a festival this year.

    Emma at

  7. Amazing!! Thanks so much for linking the jewels <3 xxxxx

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