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USA Road Trip Trailer

Cheap USA Road Trip

Damn, it's finally here! It's been a long wait, I know. Though the amount of footage shot from 5 weeks out there was unbelievable- I'm still working my way through it now. I haven't been as focused or motivated as I would have liked to had been the past month or two- but I'm hoping after hearing what people think of the trailer it will get me back in to the swing of things! 

The short trailer shows snippets of our 37 day road trip on the south coast of the states.
Me & Jack visited 9 states over 5 weeks, & slept almost every night in the back of our 7 seater minivan.
Why did you sleep in your car I hear you ask? Well, it was frigging cheap for a start- & it was so much fun. It was a real road trip. The minivan became such a huge part of our lives that I actually shed a few tears when we had to give it back to the rental company. If you have any questions regarding how we went about our trip- please fire away! I will be filming a Q&A over the coming month or so.

I'm not 100% sure how many mini episodes there is going to be just yet. I've got one Florida & one Texas episode in the pipeline so far, and I'm just sifting through the rest! I'm hoping there will be roughly 5 episodes in total- there may be a few more it really depends on the amount of footage in each state. The episodes are looking to be between 2-3 minutes each! So it will be short & sweet doses of USA travel goodness. 

You know how much I LOVE making a trailer- so I can say that I'm really proud of this one!
Let me know your thoughts, I would LOVE to hear what you all think.
Either click on the picture below to be directed to the video or you can click here.

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(don't just stop at the trailer either! There's about 4-5 episodes for you to enjoy!)

CH32 USA Road Trip

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