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Hideout Festival 2016

Hideout Festival 2016

Hideout Festival, you absolute beauty.
This was my first time attending a festival outside of the U.K (well, besides SXSW in Austin...). I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous- since I didn't know what to expect! I remember the past 2 years craving to attend Hideout festival, but never getting round to actually go- so it feels like something I've achieved by setting my mind on wanting it!

P.s before I start, I've been focusing a lot more on creating YouTube content recently, so if listening is rather your thing, then why not check out my weekly vlog I filmed whilst in Croatia? Watch it here.


Croatia is SO easy to get to, did you know that flying to Split only takes a little over 2 hours?
Me & Sophie assumed it would of been almost 4 hours for some reason... but we were pleasantly surprised!
Arriving at the tiiiiiny airport was a pretty smooth process- though we were about 30 minutes delayed so we were more concerned about missing our 4 hour coach to the island of Pag. THANKFULLY the lovely coach team knew about our delayed situation & waited for our arrival- pheewwww. The coach was pretty damn nice, I found myself gorming at the view outside for hours... Croatia is STUNNING. One thing I will say is that it is HAWTTT. Prepare yourself for serious heat.  When we landed in Split it was already 36 degrees... Yup! You can't help but sweat no matter what you're wearing. 

Talking about heat... this leads me on to accommodation.

Jamie XX at Hideout Festival 2016
Jamie XX at Hideout Festival 2016 - Taken by


Ok, Hideout offer camping... I personally wouldn't do this, purely because of the crazy heat!
The amount of times Sophie & I had to run back into our air conditioned apartment to get our body temperature down to a more human level. Damn. It was often. So I could not imagine staying in a tent in the basking heat... I'd be cooked. Hotels & apartments are cheap in Croatia- spend a little more and you'll appreciate it. Me & Sophie found a gorgeously modern AirBNB which we loved. We stayed in the beautiful little town of Metajna- it was the last stop on the Green line of the shuttle bus service (which is bluddy amazing by the way, proper value for money- I recommend this!) - it was the perfect location to get away from the festival madness. Super chilled.

Elrow at Hideout Festival 2016


I loved the location of Hideout festival. It was situated on Zrce Beach. A small enclosed beach with about 5 or so different clubs along the front. It's SO easy to get around, and the clubs are well named, so you often know which club you're in at all times.  My favourite venue? It has to be Calypso. This is where Elrow was held. It has so many platforms to view the crowd and acts, and a lot of space to get from space to space. It's not an overly huge festival (people wise) though, some of the clubs can get ridiculously rammed. Hideout is perfect for festival goers who love house music. It's a growing favourite in my taste of music- and this festival definitely made me appreciate the genre a lot more. It's not only house- you can expect to see some popular grime acts pop up on the line up such as Skepta. My favourite acts I saw: Dj EZ, Eats Everything & Jamie XX.

Skepta live at Hideout Festival 2016
Skepta live at Hideout Festival 2016 - taken by

Book your flights early. Yup. EasyJet sure can get pricey if left last minute.

Don't get mugged off. Taxi meters. Make sure they use them. Simple.

Know where you're staying. Get to know your surroundings, carry an address on you at all times. Slip a hotel card into your phones card slot. You know how it can get some times, if you get carried away in the club & forget where you are, at least you have a 'please return me here' address on you. You'll be thankful in the morning.

Protect your hair.  Totally different compared to the other tips but, it's important. This is mainly for bleached hair: Wear a hair mask or smother your hair in conditioner DAILY whilst at Hideout. Preferably one with UV protection in it too. As I mentioned earlier, the heat is craaaazzy strong. I even went out to the beach and to the festival with conditioner in my hair,  it left my hair feeling soft when I was washing it out in the mornings... I can't imagine the damage if I hadn't had done this. Though, if you don't want to do this- I recommend a bandana or a hat at least. 

Don't worry.  Let all of your worries go. You're here to enjoy yourself. Everything will work out just fine if you put your mind to thinking that. To much worrying can lead you to not enjoying the festival, which you will highly regret when you arrive back in the U.K.

Sophie Hannah Richardson & CH32

DJ EZ live at Hideout festival 2016
DJ EZ live at Hideout Festival 2016 - Taken by

Gorgon City - Hideout Festival 2016

Hideout Festival 2016

Jamie XX Hideout Festival 2016
Jamie XX Hideout Festival 2016 - Taken by

Jamie XX Hideout Festival 2016
Jamie XX live at Hideout Festival - picture by

DJ EZ Crowd Hideout Festival 2016

I just want to say a huge thank you to Rokit Vintage + the Hideout team for this amazing trip away- and of course to Sophie Hannah Richardson for inviting me along! It was so much fun, I look forward to attending 2017.

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  1. Looks redic, really want to go next year!
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