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I'm a blogger, not a writer.

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5 years ago I never would had imagined myself writing my own blog. Why? because I used to hate writing. I never enjoyed learning English at school (unless we were watching Of Mice & Men obvs) - I often abused my English test papers with sarcastic answers & 90% of the time had them returned with at least half the papers saturated in red markings... Seriously though, who really gives a flying pony about why Caliban did what & when? Is Caliban really going to be relevant in my later life? Even the teachers looked as if they felt stupid asking us such thing. (*Caliban, from The Tempest in case y'all are slightly confuzzled at this stage)

I hated writing because I'm more of a head thinker. I have so many words & thoughts that take up a severe amount of storage in my brain files that I find it hard to convert these feelings into written pieces. It's not something I find enjoyable either, I find I get myself into an irritable mess if I can sit and write what I think, & I do think it's down to how we were all taught at school. Not everyone is cut out for being tested amongst hundreds of others crammed into a bland & far from inspiring P.E hall.

How did you get into writing then if you didn't like it so much? - I started a private tumblr blog when I was 17, it was a bit of a personal diary where I would log my feelings throughout the crumbling of a previous relationship. I'm the kind of person that bottles a lot of feelings up, especially when it comes to emotions. So it was kind of an exercise for me to help me on my way to break the habit of bottling- & I'm still teaching myself now 5 years down the line.

Me & the dictionary aren't the best of friends. I'm rather basic with my language, & tend to write just how I would usually speak in a conversation. If you have ever had a conversation with me you would had already known a couple of my favorite sayings... "Holy fudge monkeys" & "Jimint cricket you savage little cretin" are well up there in my top 5. This is what I found I loved about blogging, it was my own space to write whatever the hell I wanted, however the hell I wanted.

Bloggers are often slated to the high heavens for their written content- like, damn. Who are you to say anything about the way I write? Just because I'm not using the most the most complex words chosen from the thesaurus doesn't mean I'm not passionate about what I'm writing about. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for constructive criticism & all that jazz, but when someone's getting bitter because my way of writing is too 'basic' or too 'common' - it's just all a bit unnecessary really. My blog readers read my content because they find my personality relatable to theirs. I decided to give a couple of books a go last week- each of them completely different from each other. One being 'The Power Of Now' which I'm having to google the definition of at least 2 words on each page as well as double reading the page since I'm finding it so hard to take in- then I'm reading "How to not give a fuck" by Sarah Knight- & I genuinely feel like we could be sisters separated at birth. The way Sarah writes is so straight up, she doesn't beat around the bush to get out what she's trying to say. She says it exactly how she's thinking it. I was hooked on the first page, & soon enough found myself getting carried away by reading 50 pages within my first read. I highly enjoy reading people's writing that I could understand, so that has heavily inspired me to just be myself when writing.

I can see a lot of bloggers feel a fair amount of pressure when it comes to presenting their written pieces. whether that be their choice of language or their need to write a certain amount of paragraphs. If we all just take on a more relaxed approach to the world of writing, it will be a lot more of a smoother ride- let YOUR creative juices flow naturally, releasing all of the juicy words you enjoy using on a day to day basis within your content. It's YOUR content after all. We're continuing to learn every day about the content we enjoy putting out for the world to see, so please, less judging, & let's indulge in more encouragement to express ourselves in our own way.

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  1. Really needed this! I've totally been feeling a little down since comparing my writing to other bloggers and it doesn't help that english is my second language. I've really got to stop, it's my own blog after all and this was such a great reality check <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. I loved this! I hate how much pressure we are under. I got a troll comment moaning about my lack of full stops and when I clicked her name on Disqus it showed that she literally did nothing but correct grammar in her comments. How sad...
    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I honestly couldn't give two F**ks what people 'writers' say about our writing style. It's our blogs for a reason. I personally love ready blogs that have personality it's what makes them relatable!

  4. These pictures look amazing, I completely agree about the whole writing thing! I feel like everyone has their own style of writing and the blogging world just needs to roll with that...

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  5. love this post! totally agree! x

  6. I LOVE this post lady - you couldn't have worded it any better myself! Your passion speaks volumes lovely one so don't ever worry about your writing not being enough!

    Hayley xo


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