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We're all too guilty of buying something for the sake of buying- or maybe we think we like something & buy it any ways with little thought behind it. As an influencer, it must sound pretty crazy that I'm talking to you guys about how to control your spending, since it's my job to promote the clothes I love- but, these are just some personal tips of my own where I've learnt from myself over the years.

It hit me hard when I realized I had (well, still have) way too much stuff, a lot of it is all a little unnecessary. I always thought "You could never own enough clothes!" - Oh yeah you can. When it's all sat in boxes at the bottom of your wardrobe since you have way too many, you begin to rethink just why you bought certain items in the first place. 

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BEFORE You spend, ask yourself these 5 questions!

"Can I afford it?"

Can you really though? I'm asking YOU if you can afford it right now, not your credit card.
It's so easy to think "Ah it's only £50..." but the way I've begun to think is, how long did it take me to earn that £50? Is it worth it? What other things could I do with that £50? The more I think about it, the more it determines my love for the item. 

"How often will I wear it?"

No, how often will you reeeeallly wear it? We're all guilty of it!
If this piece is going to go with a lot of things from your wardrobe- go for it!
Though, if this piece is not particularly your style and you can't think of at least 3 different outfits to team it with, then it's probably not worth the buy! I've bought so many things in the past which I thought ''yeah, I'd wear that every day!'' & It's still sitting in my wardrobe with the tags on. 

"Is this a transitional piece?"

Can you dress this down for the summer months? Can you warm it up for the winter months?
These are questions I tend to think to myself when I purchase something. Yes, it's a little harder for specific summer clothes such as shorts and bikinis, but, in an overall garment situation, there's items that can be worn all year round!
Tip: I personally love summer dresses that I can warm up in the winter months with roll necks, ribbed tights & ankle boots!

"What piece of clothing can I sacrifice?"

Out with the old, in with the new!
What piece in your wardrobe can you give up for your brand spanking new A-line skirt?
This is a really good way of maintaining your wardrobe- making you refresh it every so often and recycle unloved pieces. Or, take the game up a notch and do what my mumma is doing- every new garment she buys, she's selling THREE pieces from her wardrobe. Game changer.

"Do I REALLY like it?"

Do you though? Will you still like it in the morning? Will you regret the purchase when you walk away from the counter? (I've so done this!) Sometimes we buy on demand. We can get a little pressured when under the influence of buying whilst out with our friends etc, I've bought a lot in the past for no reason! Just because I was with friends, I felt the need to buy pointless stuff... why do we do it?! Just because Kendall Jenner rocked it last week, that doesn't mean you need to love it, but if it's a trend you fancy trying, then go for it.

I've gone into depth a lot more about this topic on my recent YouTube video, check it out here if you prefer hearing me speak instead of reading these days!

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  1. Yes! I always have to stand back and ask myself 'do i really need it? do i really like it?', ive fallen victim to many a time to buying something because its the latest trend and them looking at it a month later and questioning why on earth i brought it! Love this post, such important tips!

    Dana |

  2. Loved your vid on this girl! looooooking fab as usual


  3. Loved your vid on this girl! looooooking fab as usual


  4. Love the concept of this post Charlotte, and your honesty is refreshing! Some great tips too which I will definitely be taking note off. I think a clothing piece that can transition into different seasons is definitely a keeper, they can be hard to find those gems sometimes. I really want to give my wardrobe a bit of an overhaul. Look forward to checking out the video too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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