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My Dream Travel Destinations

Akumal beach in Mexico

I've created a list of my dream travel destinations I'm absolutely CRAVING to visit..
Maybe I won't have the chance to visit aaaalll of them, but a girl can dream (& definitely achieve!).
This year has been absolutely MENTAL for travelling, so it has definitely given me a lot of hope in being able to believe I will eventually see all of these beautiful places in the world. 

It's crazy to think that I have visited 11 different countries this year alone, and visited over 40 cities- and have sat through over 20 flights... I cannot believe it. I've always dreamt of travelling the world, and each year that's passing I'm managing to do just that.

I N D I A 

After spending a total of 3 months in S.E Asia this year, I'm itching to get back exploring more of Asia. I'll be honest, India NEVER took my fancy a year back. I questioned why this was? I was clueless. I had no real answer other than 'not liking Indian food' which was pretty naive of me. I actually tried Indian food for the first time about 12 months ago, I'm now hooked on the cuisine. Such fantastic vegetarian dishes. Though don't get me wrong the food isn't the only reason I want to visit India. I have a couple of friends who are currently travelling throughout India and it looks beautiful. I've heard that you'll either love or hate India, so I'm ever so keen to explore and make up my own opinion. Me & Jack have booked our flights for the 2nd of January, we've also decided to include Sri Lanka on our trip too. I won't speak to much about our trip just yet, since it's still in planning!  


After falling in love with Tunisia earlier this year in April- I've heard about Morocco has it's similar ways & I'm so very KEEN to go and explore for myself! Staying in a traditional Riad sounds perfect to me. They all look so stunning and tranquil. I'd love to visit Marrakesh, the vast amount of colours attract me to such place- though, I would love to visit some places that are a little less tourist populated too.


There is nothing that sounds more appealing right now than an Italian road trip in my eyes.
Last year me and my boyfriend took a week in Switzerland for a big ass road trip. 
I've never been to Italy before (other than being stuck in Milans airport for way too long).
There's a LOT of cities & towns I would love to explore there. I'm just scared of falling in love with the place & never returning.

P A P U A  N E W  G U I N E A

Ok, I'm not 100% sure BUT Papua New Guinea has been at the top of my list for at least 10 years now. You know when you're about 13 and you get a little bit too fascinated with a place you're studying in Geography? Yeah, that's my relationship with PNG. I can't believe how close I currently am to PNG right now (writing this in Bali as we speak!) but why do I hear so little about the country? It intrigues me even more & I want to visit! I've seen clips of documentaries filmed there before on the ol' telly box but I want to see it in the flesh. It looks as if it's covered in wonderful amounts of rain forests. One day I will find out for myself!


Because... Do I need to say why!? It looks maaagical. I want to stay in one of those cute little sea homes and gaze endlessly into the open water. I'm a sucker for a white sandy beach, and the beaches in the Maldives look like heaven! Also- I need to experience a sea plane in my life! Maybe one day I'll be able to afford the flights... though the flights from Sri Lanka are a lot more affordable! I found some great returns from Colombo for £80! Boom. Maybe whilst we're in Sri Lanka at the end of January / beginning of Feb... This could be an option!

I could reel off SO many more places I would love to visit- we all could!
Where are your dream travel destinations?

Akumal beach in Mexico

akumal beach Mexico


  1. India and Italy are tops of my list, such beautiful places!


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