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My Favourite Place in London

Barbican - my favourite place in London

There's just something about the Barbican, that after all these years I still come back to this place for a walk around. Growing up in London N1, I spent a lot of my younger years here. To me, it was somewhere completely different than the rest of the streets of London.

My primary school, Prior Weston, happened to be situated on Whitecross St, so the Barbican was only a stones throw away.
Our school would take us on weekly walks to the Barbican's Library. That was one walk I didn't mind taking as a child. 
Walking in two's on the tiled floors on the Barbican, the journey fills the passage ways with echoed children laughter.

So when I come back to this place for a walk, I have a lot of memory flash backs as being a kid growing up around here- I also love bringing new people here who have never been. It's the perfect place to walk all of it's passages & get lost every time. 
I still don't fully know my way around the Barbican, & I'm not sure if I ever will!

Top things to do at the Barbican:
Walk - aimlessly - taking in all of the wonderful architecture.
 Check out the Barbican centre. Often you'll find exhibitions & performances put on here.
Library. I think this library is so wonderful. Check out it & admire the silence around you.

After you've checked out the Barbican, head to Whitecross St for some delicious truck food.
Greek, Mexican, Indian, Thai- as well as so many more cuisines, are selling down this bustling street. Tip: IT GETS BUSY! The local office folk in the area head here daily for their lunches, so head before or after the lunch time rush!

I love the Barbican

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Mirror Picture in the Barbican

Barbican London

Matching Couple in Barbican

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  1. LOOKS WELL!!!
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  2. These shots are just stunning babe <3

    Pink is your colour! xxx

  3. Aw how cute are the old couple matching! Sounds like you had a memorable childhood Charlotte :) sounds like a lovely place! I still want to steal your gorgeous jacket xD

    Isobel x

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  4. Love the outfit and that old couple are goals!

  5. Love the outfit and that old couple are goals!


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