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2016, you beauty

2016- I don't know where to start. I'm always a little late to the party with these posts. A) because I suck at writing sometimes, & B) I can sometimes get way too carried away with writing that I forget why I'm writing. GAH- confusing myself before we've even started, fab. I don't want to sound like a bragger, but christ, if you've had a good year, shout about it! Loud and frigging proud. I love nothing more than hearing about how well others are doing, we shouldn't shy away from talking about our achievements. Let's crack on shall we?

12 countries in 12 months, 44 cities (roughly) 22 flights, 6 festivals later- here we are, ready to take on 2017's adventures. It's not just about the travel either- I've ticked off ridiculous goals such as 'get a TV ad campaign' which I've just possibly just cleared my 3rd advert for 2016, THIRD. I was only aiming for one. It's. Been. Crazy. 

Catch my 2016 after movie here: 

I had roughly £20.16 to my name besides my travel funds this time last year. I was away travelling S.E Asia last winter with Jack, it was well & truly needed. I was stuck in a rut, having a bit of a 'what am I doing with my life' moment, constantly abusing my mind with the word 'failure'. My travels inspired me, and calmed me down, a little. I had to retrain my brain to enable myself to believe I'm able to achieve what ever the hell I wanted to. Travelling to countries such as Cambodia, really puts your life in to perspective. I've never met such wonderful people, who are so generous, grounded & grateful. I learned that life doesn't have to live be what we're taught how it 'should be' in the U.K. I'm not going to get a 'normal' job in the city, and become a slave to chasing a paycheque to pay for a house I might own when I'm 65. That route has never appealed to me, and it's always left me feeling like the odd one out. It's crazy that almost 3 years ago, on the day I met Jack for the first time, I said to him "fuck it, I'm giving up my retail job and becoming a broker in Canary Wharf" mate who is that person?! Who was I trying to be? Because that's definitely not me. 

*Ok, Char, get back on track now love* I forgot this is why I don't write as much as I want to, I'm always moving the story on so bluddy fast, but if you've ever had a conversation with me, that's just me all over!

February. I arrived back in the U.K, I hibernated, I was motivated to work on my YouTube channel some more. & I sure did. More hauls were coming, more travel videos, & generally more YouTube content getting to know me!

March arrived. Me & Jack flew to Florida, for a 5 week crazy ass road trip, from FL to Cali. Covering 9 states & attending a week at SXSW in Texas, it was mega. Probably the best trip of my life. We slept in our 7 seater mini van for 5 straight weeks, and loved every minute of it (even through the -7 degree weather at the Grand Canyon one night) - every trip teaches me something special, these travel experiences are like no other, that's why I cherish them so much. In the states it didn't take much to please me, I was happy even if I hadn't had a shower in days. I felt alive, and we often don't feel that enough. I was doing something new, something daring, something I loved. It's important to never stop those things. 

Whilst in the states, I celebrated getting my first mega exciting campaign. Tunisia. Filming a road trip throughout Tunisia. My mind was blown, I couldn't contain my excitement or my nerves. That trip was truly special, the team I worked with throughout those 2 weeks were bluddy awesome. The trip left me feeling inspired and on track, I felt able to achieve my dreams, it sure did give me the boost I needed. 

Arriving home in May, festival season began (fuck yeah it did!) - I was mega excited for festival season in 2016 since it's the perfect time to catch up with friends, meet new people, dress the fuck up, and of course, soak up the exciting music scene. Lost Village, Wild Life, V Festival, Reading, & not forgetting the most exciting trip away to Croatia with Sophie Hannah Richardson to HIDEOUT festival! it was epic. It was all epic in fact. Croatia was a beautiful whirlwind, me & sophie created endless content whilst out there (it was rather addictive!) - we also met Betsy, Mika, Gracie & Gabby out there too which made the trip extra fun. Gah. I'm smiling thinking about how crazy the summer actually was!

2016 has been travel crazy. Like seriously, the most traveling I've EVER done! In July I headed to one of my favourite countries, Switzerland, to visit Geneva with Fly Swiss. Wow- what a trip it was. I absolutely adore Switzerland for its beauty, but I had never explored a Swiss city that much, so it was absolutely incredible to visit Geneva. It changed my views on the city as 'just a financial city' there is so much to see and do there, and when the weather is right, it's PERFECT!

At the end of August I left for Bali. I was more than excited to be heading back to S.E Asia, to explore an island I've never been to before! to be honest, I've not shown you guys much content from it (other than on my Instagram) but I do have a few videos I would like to do on Bali, because I do truly love it there so so much. The 5 weeks I spent there were so wonderful, and incredibly refreshing. The Balinese are probably the most kind loving people I've ever met (well, it's a tie with Cambodian people!)  I also found out whilst in Bali that I was going to be featured in a google advert! ON FRIGGING TV. 

Moving across the globe from South east Asia... Mexico, I went to Mexico! Shortly after getting back from Bali I was invited on a really exciting trip- it was a super last minute trip with the incredible Ice Lolly, I absolutely loved every second of it! After Mexico, I was completely worn out from all of the crazy travels the year held for me- I was slacking massively on my emails and general postings on my blog & YouTube, but I had come home to finally receive the news I had been waiting for. I had landed a campaign that I only ever dreamed about, this campaign was something I had sat and said to my parents how much I wish that could be me one day... and it happened in December! I got to shoot with Schwarzkopf LIVE colour on something really exciting. Working with LIVE colour was on my goals list for 2016, it was something I was so keen on achieving, and I did! This was the 3rd time this year working with Schwarzkopf, & I've loved every opportunity with them! In fact, 2016 has brought me closer working with my favourite brands. I've been working so much with Primark, it's been an absolute dream come true! It's beyond crazy looking back on my first blog posts featuring Primark, & seeing how far I've come with them is crazy. I stepped up and filmed a LIVE haul at their press day in the summer, which I was mega nervous for, but felt so good when I had achieved it after wards. I personally think that It is so important to acknowledge your achievements by reflecting often, I wrote a post in the summer about how important it is, you can check it out here

Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XL shoot

There is so much I could ramble on about from 2016, I seriously need to stop myself now! I just want to thank those who have supported me non stop on social media, with my blog and my YouTube, it never goes un noticed. I've met so many wonderful followers this year, which really does blow my mind. I've loved making new friends, and working on amazing friendships this year, it's meant the world to me. I've had my best friend & lover supporting me through out this year too, Jack, who's love never goes un noticed either. Thanks for the laughs, the tears & all of the beautiful memories, 2016. I'm so very excited for what 2017 will bring.


  1. You've had such an incredible year!! Massive congratulations on your blogging achievements and your travels sound absolutely insane - especially your trip around the US. Hope 2017 is a fab year hun! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. an incredible, stunning year! happy 2017!


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