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I'm not sure about you guys, but I struggle an awful lot to stay focused whilst working for myself. It seems to be the older I'm getting, the harder it is for me to stay focused on certain tasks. I've been meaning to write this for some time now, so here goes! As always, I tend to keep my posts short & sweet, because, if you're like me in the focus sense- you're probably one to skim through articles. Here are my 5 top tips when aiming to stay focused. 

S H O E S  O N

Keep your shoes on y'all. This may sound mental, but it works for me. Even if you haven't left the house, or aren't planning on leaving the house, pop your shoes on. I find that boot heels work best for me, since I wear these 9/10 times for heading to meetings or shoots. I even wear my boots when I don't plan on getting ready that day. Yep, imagine me in my joggers and a fancy pair of boots on, it's quite a sight. I find that when I have my shoes on, I tend to get the task I need done. I feel way too relaxed when I'm just in my socks with my legs folded up on my seat. 

G E T  O U T 

I don't have a dedicated working space at home, which really SUCKS. Imagine working & sleeping in the same space every day? it drives me mental. I have officially ran out of space in my room, so I have to make piles of certain 'to do's' on my floor. When I get too irritated, I HAVE to get out the house. I need to start doing this a lot more, since when I do go and visit a coffee shop to work in, I feel as if I get a lot more done. Especially when I stay in London, I stay with my nan in Old St. It's not a very big space, so getting out to work is a MUST. My favourite 'coffice' to work in is based on City Road, almost opposite Moorfields eye hospital. The wifi is fabulous, it's quiet (with a great range of music playing in the background) & the food and drink are great too. the space isn't so large though, but I love it. Another great one in the Old St area is 'look Mum, no hands' but, it can get pretty damn cramped & loud in there to be honest, though I much prefer the fresh juices & cakes in there. I find that when I'm working away from my bedroom, i know that I need to get something done, and I always leave the coffee shop feeling as if I've achieved a lot off of my to do lists. 

T U N E  I N   

Search for binaural beats on Spotify. Some of the tracks can help me out SO so much. I love listening to the ones that are specifically made for focusing and mood enhancement. I can't explain that much about how they sound, you'll have to just check them out yourself! I find that having these lengthy beats on in the background, can wire my brain into the task I've set myself, and achieving it a lot quicker. I'm currently listening to one of the beats in my playlist now as I write this. 


I find that if I'm slouching, my mind is slouching. It doesn't feel great. It's so hard to think about your posture all of the time, we often find ourselves bent over with no further thought. I've found that if I sit real close to my desk, my chair is pushed in a lot so I'm forced to sit up straight. This is going to sound mad but, I've also found that in the past if I wear my waist trainer on a loose fit, it still helps me be aware of my posture. I've also tried this on Jack too (lol) he found it uncomfortable at first, but it did help him with his posture. 

L O G  O U T

A fairly obvious one, but seriously, log out of all social media platforms! Especially if you just want a power hour of cracking on with your tasks. In fact, turn your phone off too, or keep it somewhere you won't be able to reach for it easily (maybe, in a bag under your desk, or across the room?) why we feel the need to press our home screen button all of the time blows my mind, I always find myself doing pointless things on my phone when I've got a hefty to do list waiting to be seen to. It's like I'm constantly running away from myself, so turning my phone off & logging out of social media on my laptop really helps. 

Do you ever feel as if you give out great advice, but find it hard to take it yourself? damn. I feel like that right now. I hopefully will be taking my tips into account more often. I really hope that me sharing my top tips for productivity helps you crack on with whatever you need doing! Thank you for reading my loves.


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Fashion blogger in Primark

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  1. I really should do the same with my phone as I can be really bad with it as well as having YouTube music on in the background as they are such a distraction! Brill post Charlotte and I'm loving all the content of you and jack in Sri Lanka!

    Isobel x

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  2. The Spotify one is a good one for when I need to concentrate. I usually put on chilled beats or music for concentration literally does wonders!


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