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Supporting each other in the blogging world is one thing, but having the support from friends, family, and readers is another. I believe it's mega important to support each other with each others interests and businesses, in particularly when somebody is in the creative field with an online presence. Whether it's a sponsored post or not, all bloggers need the recognition they deserve when putting out content.

I often find that Instagram posts I see with the 'ad' claim featured in the caption get less engagement than others that don't. This can suck for both the blogger and the brand, since the brand have chosen that blogger in particular for their services, and the blogger wants to prove that they are worthy to work with.

Here are some ways listed below on how you can support online influencers,
it can be as simple as clicking a link! Get supporting!


Engagement is super important on social media, between bloggers and readers & bloggers and bloggers. Don't expect engagement if you're not putting in your contribution!
Here are some examples below how you can engage with influencers.

- Supporting other bloggers by using your audience
- A simple favourite or RT on Twitter
- Liking & commenting on Instagram posts
- Take 30 seconds to say why you liked this post
- Tagging a friend to read or view a post you like
- Taking part in #FF on Twitter each Friday


Ever wonder why an ad starts at the beginning of somebody's YouTube video?
It's so that the influencer is able to monetise that video by allowing adverts to be displayed before and sometimes throughout the video. It may take an extra 20 seconds, but play the ad until the end, or even click on the ad too! Every little helps to drive more income for influencers. It's not overly that much we get from advertising, (well, depends on how many hits our videos get) so supporting the blogger by doing those two simple steps can really help. This also applies to advertisements on blogs too!


Planning to spend your evening doing a spot of online shopping?
Why not shop via a bloggers blog to get your fix? This doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy exactly what they're linking to, but if you're planning on shopping from Pretty Little Thing or ASOS for example, follow the link through and shop that way. If the links are affiliated with sites such as RewardStyle this will generate the blogger a small commission of your overall spree, it doesn't cost you any thing on top of your order. Every little helps!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I loved sharing some tips with you guys on how you can help a blogger out.
Let's rack up some serious engagement up this year. Let's love to support each other at what we love doing.
I absolutely love showing support to my favourite bloggers & new influencers too!

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Charlotte Hole

Charlotte Hole

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  1. Fab post Charlotte :-) I'm trying to do so much more of this this year! xxx

  2. Loved this post was a good read! I love the blogging community, everyone is so supportive! Love, tash x

  3. What a lovely post, bloggers should all support and empower one another and I hope to make more time to do all of these things! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. I need this dress!!! Also love the post. I've had questions from friends and colleagues before around what affiliate links are and why bloggers use them. On most occasions actually, people have been really positive about them once they've realised how they work! I think it's all about honesty - personally, I really, really appreciate seeing #ad! x

  5. Totally agree with all your points. Supporting one another is super important, just imagine if you were the one who needed the retweet, the engagement or that view, it would be important then!

    Love your photo too, where is that gorgeous jacket from!?

    Kirsty London

  6. *claps* this post was needed!

    p.s hair and outfit yass love it x

  7. posts like these are so important, we all need a little reminder every now and then to support each other, and not just use other blogs for self promotion, we're a community after all!


  8. This is a brilliant reminder to all us bloggers to support each other! I try and support other bloggers as much as I can!

    Isobel x

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    New Video:
    Bloglovin :

  9. This is a great post. For shopping, using bloggers' links was not something I did because I thought it only works for the same items they linked, but now that I know, I'm gonna use them. ;)

    For the Instagram part, I'm really engaged, I comment, I like a lot of the pics but I'm always ignored, I can count on one hand the bloggers who comment back or at least like your comment (now that it is an option on Instagram, because I understand they can't reply to everyone when they have loads of comments, but a heart doesn't take that much time and it shows they appreciate). Such support might go on both sides and that is not always the case so it's discouraging.
    Supporting the community, I agree, it's something beautiful, I love seeing bloggers together. :)


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