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Luxury or budget influencer?

LUXURY OR BUDGET INFLUENCER? Why do I need to choose?
Hello & good morning guys and girls. This question has been on my mind an awful lot lately- As bloggers, we usually specialise within certain budgets, and usually people will label a blogger as a certain type of blogger, such as luxury or high street etc, but what if I enjoy both? Why do I need to be labelled as a luxury or a budget blogger? What if I don't want to be? I would hate to be put under just one stereotype, whether that be just for 'budget beauty hauls' or 'luxury travel vlogs' and I don't really like labelling another blogger under a money category either, I honestly love both. 

Right now, I'm currently on a 6 week trip throughout India & Sri Lanka, with a rough outline of a budget set for our trip. Me & Jack absolutely love finding accommodations for a good bargain, & we're always seeking out food and shopping deals throughout our trips. Bartering is second nature to me whilst traveling throughout Asia. We've just arrived in Arambol, North Goa, where we were searching for a beach hut to sleep in for the next two nights. We struck gold by finding a newly built hut on the rocks, with a bed and a private working bathroom, for just £5 each a night. Bargain (for us  any ways). Making our money go further is one of the aims for this trip, but treating ourselves to something luxury isn't something we'd turn our noses up either. With my taste of budget travelling, I also LOVE luxury accommodation, and I can totally understand why other people do too, I've stayed in some stunning places through out Cambodia through to Switzerland, & I thoroughly enjoy myself throughout my luxury stay. 

Although I tend to keep within the high street fashion margin, I never want to restrict myself from falling out of it either. It's too often I see so much shade thrown from other bloggers about others venturing out into other budgets. We should never be judging others by what they can and can't afford. I think it's very important to keep open minded about others, the more I'm traveling the more I'm learning about other cultures and how other countries live. The fact we still label each other in this day and age blows my mind. Whether we enjoy the company of the opposite sex, have a different skin colour, enjoy sleeping in the cheapest or most expensive accommodation, or wear Prada or wear Primark, we're all humans who just want to enjoy what we love. Let's quit the social shade & labelling bloggers in general, (please?).

Arambol beach huts

Arambol beach huts


  1. Yes girl, I high five you to that!

    Isobel x

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  2. Labels are bad in every aspect of the life. And as a French, I know what I'm talking about, it's kinda the country of labelling people and that is something so reductive.
    We should all be able to do/like different things, try new things, switch up things (wow, too many "things" in one sentence...^^).
    That is a nice message on this post. Kudos to you !


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