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Goals. Goals. Goals. Goals. GOALS.
That word has had a bit of a year hasn't it? You see the hash tag smothered all over people's Instagram's, it some times feels as if it's lost it's real meaning. I'll be honest, I never used to write goals, I never believed I would achieve any I would write down. Who knows what this year will hold for us? We have no idea- but we can set some goals to aim for throughout the year.

At the beginning of 2016, I wrote down roughly 10 goals I wanted to achieve that year, and I actually achieved all but one- which was really incredible for me. I wrote them down thinking "I probably won't achieve this, but this is something I'm dreaming about" but I surprised myself, massively. I began to believe in myself again as the year went on. You can read last nights post here all about my 2016, or watch my after movie!

Here we are, a new year. This calls for new goals.
What are you hoping to achieve this year? Not sure where to start?
Write down ANY THING. Big, small, what ever. I have a video coming VERY soon to my channel talking about how I achieved my goals last year (feels very weird saying last year) stay tuned for that, since I won't be revealing too much on here. I will be jumping in and talking about what I'm hoping to achieve this year though, and of course, this will change- the more I achieve, the more goals I will throw in throughout the year. I never like to just settle with goals I've achieved, always be wanting to push yourself higher.

If you're stuck and you're looking for some inspiration to get the ball rolling for your 2017- have a little read of my goals below, to get your brain fired up and ready to set your own!



GAH. It's time I sort out a work space of my own. There's only so much I can do from my room, and it's getting rather cramped now! So having my own dedicated space to work in, will be fabulous. I want to create a space where I can be extremely organised, & keep myself motivated and on track! Since I still live at home, space is a little tight- but there is a lot of space downstairs which is just cluttered up! Thankfully I'm able to turn one of the rooms into my own office space. I'm beyond excited to crack on with this when I'm back from my travels!


Guys- I'll admit it, my writing last year flunked! I began to avoid putting my fingers to my keyboard to write something proper, and I got into the habit of avoiding it a little too often. I think so much inside my mind, that sometimes I find it hard to put those words into a written format- which leaves me feeling frustrated with myself, so I avoid it even more! Gah. I'm hoping to work on this massively this year, because I've had this blog for years now, & I don't want to let it slip out of my hands! Though blogging aside, I just want to write more often. Any thing. My feelings in a note, or getting to grips with a new diary app which may inspire me more. I'm keen to find more ways to get these words out of my head!


Damn did I hate language lessons at school- I found them incredibly difficult to concentrate in a room full of people. Now, it seems that learning a language is becoming a little easier due to the amount of wonderful apps that are around! I really want to learn some French & Spanish this year. I've just recently downloaded the app 'Duolingo' for learning French, & I am obsessed with it! I've been on a bit of a roll with it the past week, and have honestly been looking forward to dedicating 20-30 minutes of my morning and evening learning some new words and phrases. I cannot stand being that typical British person that just expects everyone to speak English when I visit THEIR country- it's not on, so it's time I do something about it, and learn a little bit myself!


I wouldn't say I'm awful at this already- but I do want to make myself more aware of complimenting others more often. Whether that be online, or in the street- I think it's important to make others smile. I'm aiming for at least one compliment, every day. Kindness = it makes the world go round! Let's share more positivity and love this year. 


I have a handful of friends who I have a ridiculously beautiful bond with. I want to work even more on these relationships this year, and build something unbreakable! In 2016 I was alone quite often, I often isolate myself, which can be unhealthy after a while. I want to make sure I follow through with coffee dates you tweet about briefly on Twitter, & I want to keep up to date with my friends lives more regularly.  


In the summer of 2016, I started to make some hand made festival accessories, & started selling them on my Depop. Well, I only made one batch, and after they all sold out, I didn't make any more! So this year, I want to follow through and make an awesome collection. I won't spill too much just yet, but I have a few awesome designs that I want to release in time for festival season this year. I hope you're excited just as much as I am!


In 2016, I spent WAY too much time scrolling on social media. I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a slave to the scroll, like so many of us these days. Why are we though?? Why do we get so caught up in this pathetic distraction? I find that when I've aimlessly scrolled through Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for an hour, I feel like I've wasted SO much time and energy, & I soon fall to my knees feeling a little bit useless to my whole frigging day (sounds a little OOT? Hello CH32). I want to limit myself to social media this year, only go on when I need to promote a post, or post an actual post, etc. SLAVE TO THE SCROLL = NO LONGER.


In 2016 I visited 12 countries in 12 months- now where the hell is 2017 going to take me? 
I'm so inspired to see more of the world it's unreal. I'm going to save my 2017 travel plans for a different post, but yeah, I'm mega keen to get the travel ball rolling again! I'm off to India tomorrow, following in to Sri Lanka afterwards- so it's safe to say I'm ultra excited for where I'll be inspired to travel to next!


Slave to the scroll- that's one thing, but I'm also a slave to biggest drug of them all. Sugar. Processed-no-good-shit. I hate it. I hate that I love chocolate so much. I hate that I can easily neck 4 doughnuts without a second thought about it. THIS MUST CHANGE GUYS. Sugar affects my mood in the craziest of ways. I feel sluggish, I feel uninspired, so-far-from-motivated. OVERALL, PURE, GRIM. At one point in December, I was going through a huge bar of Galaxy per night. It was sickening. Why am I abusing my body in this way? My plan is to cut down processed sugars to a bare minimum, and having a treat day once a month. I'm hoping I'll get to a stage where I don't even crave it any more!


I've got clothes and shoes spilling out of every orifice. I. need. to. get. rid. I've completely run out of wardrobe space- and I want to see my beautiful clothes going to a good home. SO, this year is the year I get straight! I'm aiming to sell so much this year. Watch this space y'all.

Feeling inspired? Hell yeah!
Not so much still? I recommend you taking an hour to watch 'The Secret' on Netflix.
That documentary was a real game changer for me. At first I never believed the secret theory- but I am now a firm believer, and I hope you will be too one day! 
What are your goals for 2017?






  1. Cutting down on sugar is defo one of our goals too girl..Forever inspiring us with your kindness + beaut soul <3 Sending lots of positive vibes for the new year!

  2. Your goals have definitely inspired my goals for 2017. Traveling, saving money and working more on my Mermaid books. Love your outfit especially the top.

  3. 12 countries in 12 months! Amazing! Great goals, and I also can't wait to travel a little more this year!

    Hannah | Oh January

  4. Beautiful post. Wish you the best.

  5. I never write goals, but I've decided this is the year to start doing it and see where I go!

  6. I like your goal for 2017


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