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When is the best time to write a blog post?

When is the best time to write a blog post?

When is the best time to write a blog post? To be fair, this is all down to when and how you like to write. I'm sure we've all felt a little stuck when we've told ourselves to 'sit and write a post' our brains freeze a little! I feel this a LOT so I'm going to share with you guys my top 5 tips on when I think is a great time to write a blog post. 


I can't talk for everyone but this is when my mind is at it's freshest. Instead of jumping straight into your social media notifications, how about start your day with writing a post? This could either be brainstorming new ideas, or bullet pointing for a new subject to talk about. I always feel that starting my day writing a post makes me feel most energised. If I start my day delving straight into my social notifications, I find myself scrolling for a good (bad) hour, to realise I've wasted a very important hour for my brain. It's easier said than done, over the years we've grown closer to social media, so sadly it's our first instinct to check our phones first- for example, this morning when I awoke at 6:45, I checked my phone- but after I checked the notifications I managed to snap out of being a 'slave to the scroll' and jumped into this post on my laptop instead. Already I feel more awake by giving my morning time to this post this morning! 


For moments when you're on the tube and you have a banging blog post idea- NOTE IT DOWN! Whilst it's still fresh in the mind. I always find that when I'm off of my phone on a commute, I always have an influx of post ideas that come through. This is where I absolutely LOVE my notes application on my iPhone. Perfect for jotting down any possible blog post or video ideas, then branching off either by starting the post, or writing down some main features I want to include within it. 


I often feel most inspired after I've been to an event- This doesn't necessarily just mean blogger events either. I recently was invited to see the 'School Of Rock' performance in Drury Lane. I cannot possibly explain the feelings I felt after seeing that incredible show. I personally hated the movie, but damn, the live show was magical. Seeing everybody perform with such talent left me crying by the end of it, but most of all, left me feeling so very inspired. As soon as I left the show, I felt alive with new content ideas, but sadly this inspiration buzz doesn't seem to last as long as you want it too- so grab it with full power whilst you can!


As well as my mind feeling most fresh in the morning, my mind certainly feels more alive late at night. I always find myself most motivated in the evenings, I'm such a night owl in that sense! I find it so hard to work from mid day until 7ish... then BOOM, as soon as dusk hits, I wanna stay up til' dawn! I find it hard when I'm winding down in bed after a productive evening, my mind is still alive with new ideas. I often find myself turning back over to my phone to write them down, since I'll always forget them by the morning! So if you have any ideas that pop into your beautifully inspired mind in the evenings, make sure to make a note of them! Finding it hard to get inspired to write? There's lots of wonderful apps out there to help you get your mind in gear. I really love the app 'MindNode' it's basically virtual spider diagram! My notes app isn't all that great for spider diagramming new ideas, so this is where this app comes in well!


Sometimes there's nothing worse than working from your bed- I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great sometimes- but for some serious concentration time, I can't always feel most motivated whilst in my bedroom. Most of the  time, I need to get out, ASAP! I've just mentioned this in my previous blog post actually, where you can find out more about 'How To Improve Your Laptop Productivity'  - Get to a local coffice, or even a different area of your house!

I really hoped you all enjoyed this post!
When do you feel most motivated to write a blog post?



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  1. As soon as you wake up is definitely something I can relate to! I feel so inspired when I first wake up, probably because I've not endured a stressful day yet hahah! Xxx

  2. My motivation comes very spontaneously. But mainly in the mornings or late evenings. Going to different places also inspires me :)

    Isobel x

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  3. Love this post, definitely can relate, especially to the 'fresh in the mind part' that's when I feel most motivated to write :)
    By the way, you look absolutely gorgeous!!


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