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Like most others, I was 16 when I first started the contraceptive pill. Being so young I just wanted the popular option of protecting myself from getting pregnant, I wanted what my friends were on, I wanted something easy. I didn’t really know how it worked to be honest, let alone the effect it might have over my mind and body.

I'm fully aware that people have different experiences with the pill, each woman's body works differently, and that there are plenty of different options to choose from. People can find the pill beneficial for many reasons, but over time I realised that this option of contraception just wasn’t for me. Other alternatives such as the injection, implant and coil really didn’t appeal to me either. After 4 years of a few pill changes, pains, weight changes, & handling some of the craziest mood swings, I decided to come off of the pill to give my body a break. After just a few weeks, I felt like a different person. As extreme as it may sound, It felt as if somebody had lifted the lid on my life and I was able to start living freely again. I didn’t realise until I wasn’t taking those pills any more the real effect they were having on my everyday life. My whole outlook had changed.

That break turned into a further 4 years, where I’m now the best I’ve ever felt about myself. Though, I was still looking for an alternative to condoms. I wanted something natural, something to put my mind at ease. since Natural Cycles has been around, I’ve always been curious to see how it would work for me. After hearing nothing but amazing things from my friends, I thought it was time I'd give it a try, I mean, what did I have to loose? Natural Cycles is a natural contraception, one that I don't have to have inserted to my body every 3 months, or take orally each day. So I’ve decided to give Natural Cycles a go, to see how I like it.

After using it for a short amount of time already, I've realised how much I can learn about my body. Natural Cycles isn't just for preventing pregnancy, it can also be incredible if you're looking to plan a pregnancy. Since Natural Cycles allows you to understand your body, get to know how your cycle works from tracking it each month. What I'm most attracted to about Natural Cycles, is that it has ZERO side effects.

So how do we use Natural Cycles? First of all, sign up here, on a subscription that's best suited for you. The annual subscription includes the basal thermometer, which is vital for your journey with Natural Cycles (Though you can purchase the thermometer separately if you prefer). After you're signed up, head over to download the Natural Cycles app, (which you'll be using each day for inputing data from your thermometer reading, as well as tracking your cycle.. the app is easy to use once in the routine in my opinion, but know that it takes some discipline) fill out the required details such as your weight, height and information about your last cycle, then you'll be given the option to click whether you're using the app to prevent or plan a pregnancy.

After the app is set up, you're ready to go! The following morning, make sure your thermometer is by your phone or alarm, this will make sure you remember to take your reading as soon as you wake up. When taking your reading, place the thermometer under your tongue (making sure it's as far back as possible) then waiting for about 30 seconds until you hear a beep. Remember the reading (the thermometer will save you last reading, in case you forget the numbers), and input the data straight away to your app. The app will then inform you if today is a 'Green Day' - meaning you can go without protection, or it will give you a reading of a 'Red day' - meaning you should definitely use protection. The readings are calculated by your body temperature given by the thermometer readings. Until the algorithm can get used to your body readings, you may see a lot of red days to begin with, though eventually you will see that there are actually more green days in your cycle than you thought. Did you know that we are only fertile on average for 6 days of our cycle? I didn't know that either until I started my research into Natural Cycles before I started using it!

Like the pill, injection & other forms of long term contraception that don’t protect you from STI’s and STD’s, Natural Cycles doesn’t protect you from preventing them either. As with sleeping with any new partner make sure you stay protected with condoms until you have both been sexually tested.

If you’re looking to try out Natural Cycles for yourself, head over to their website where you can find out all of the information you need to know! I’d love to hear your experience with Natural Cycles if you’ve also begun this journey! Make sure to head over to my Instagram @CH32 to keep updated with my Natural Cycles journey over the next few months.

This post has been kindly sponsored by NATURAL CYCLES.


  1. Great Blog post!!! Very useful and interesting to read this post.

  2. Great post, very imformative! I've been using NC for the past three months and removing additional hormones from my body has been amazing! It took me a while to get in the routine and for the app to get to know my cycle but now I'm loving it, I feel like I far more in tune with my body and whats going on with my cycle than ever.

    I wrote about my experience the other day and would love to hear your thoughts -

    Kate xxx


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