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Woah, I'm back with my second post within a week, am I alright? I'm not too sure. Though, I definitely want to get back on track with my little ol' blog. It's been over 5 years since I wrote my first post, so after slacking the past year with it I'm actually kinda mad at myself. I wanted to get back to writing about subjects I feel I can help with, something I can put my input into with passion behind it all. I miss talking about destinations I'm desperate to travel to, or sharing my favourite festival line ups of the year.

So, today I'm talking about my tips for those who want to be a blogger / YouTuber / influencer / online creative / Internet person (whatever we decide to call ourselves). Me as well as thousands of bloggers get asked the same question often, "So how do I become a blogger?" - It's a pretty broad question, I think there's so many things to cover and consider before hoping on in.

#1 Be yourself. 
ENIRELY. No one likes a clone. You’re here on this planet to be YOU, not your favourite celeb. Be original, embrace everything you love and share it with the world. Allow your personal style to come through. There’s no need to completely copy others, it’s boring. Take inspiration from anywhere, anything you like, & add a twist to make something you’re own.

#2 What can you bring that’s different? 
The online world is so crazily saturated, you need to have something to grow an audience & keep them interested. Here are some questions to ask yourself: What do people love about you? What makes you interesting? What can you teach your audience? What do you want to see more of online? 

#3 Don’t buy your social following. 
Simple. Just don't. It really is so obvious & it's really not worth it. Gaining a following takes time, it takes work, it takes patience. If you’re wanting to start a blog with the goal just to gain a following, maybe consider having a little rethink. If people want to follow you for your content, they will. As much as we'd all love for more people to enjoy our content online, you can't force everyone to like you or your posts. An organic audience will come, in time. This can take weeks, months or years to gain a following we're happy with. So definitely don't fake your following, just enjoy creating your content and let your audience grow organically.

#4 Be consistent. 
One thing I've learnt in this online creative world is that consistency REALLY IS KEY. I get caught up a lot & forget to create content too, we all do when we have a heck load of other things to do. Though as long as you have a consistent flow of content on one specific platform you prefer, that’s all goooood. I'm not too sure how I used to upload 3 times a day to Instagram, 3-4 times a week to YouTube and 2-3 times per week on my blog... I'm actually shocked how I used to cram that all in each week! One of my goals in the coming months is to be more consistent again, it's definitely something that needs to be maintained and worked on keeping on top of!

Create always, whether that's physically or in your mind. Create when you can, often, out of passion. Don’t stop at a creative rut, it is only temporary. Keep on pushing through on how to execute new ideas. Smash that rut into shreds & COME THROUGH SHINING. (easier said than done, but if done you’ll thank yourself)

Last but not least, Dream BIG. 
Maybe you're looking to eventually take your blog or YouTube to a full time status, maybe you want a blog just as a side hobby. No one knew this would be a career, no one knows when (or if) it will end either.  For many, this is just the beginning. This is exciting. This is something so new that we're all just helping pave paths into a brand new career. Have plenty of dreams, & keep working towards something that your future self will thank you for.

Photography by Abigail Jane Winterford


  1. I love the fact you’ve started blogging again Charlotte! Missed your inspirational posts! I’ve been in a bit of a rut the last couple of months with content and blog posts so I just didn’t put all of my effort into it due to the algorithm and just not having enough time due to me working full time. I’ve swfinirely been getting my creative head back on and started creating more and better content! Hope you keep going with your awesome creative and inspiring content as well as your unique style! Love it!

    Isobel x

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  2. I love these tips, even though I've been blogging for 5 years my blog following as never immensely grown but that's never bothered me. I definitely think starting a blog due to a passion rather than because you want to make money from it is something people should consider, the more passionate you are, the better your content will be, simple! I definitely blog because I love fashion and writing about it and if it brings opportunities great, but I do it for enjoyment not because I have to. I adore these outfit as well, the pictures have such a good contrast!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

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