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Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6

Hello festive season... did you come around quick or what?! This year, I've absolutely loved feeling festive. I've been surrounded by friends and family which has made it feel real easy getting into the Christmas spirit this month. This month I've felt incredibly grateful for those in my life, and the memories shared so far this year. Like most busy families, it can be difficult all year round to dedicate some much-needed time together, which is why Christmas is so important for me, since it serves me and my family some much needed time off to wind down and spend together. I'm really excited to share that I've partnered up with instax and their new instax SQUARE SQ6 instant camera to embark on a digital detox and spend some time away from screens in the lead up to Christmas. 

With the house decorated so perfectly (by my wonderful mum!) it makes it a really cosy time of year for us all to spend some time together at home. Me and my family have a bit of a yearly tradition of spending the evening taking part in a family quiz. My sister will spend a while curating her own quiz and put me and my parents to the test... trust me, it gets real competitive. 

Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6

Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6

By finding an activity such as a 'quiz night' that we all enjoy, we find that it's the perfect way to get take a break from our social devices for the evening. This means, no phones (It's a no-brainer, it'd be too easy to search the answers online right?!) NO TV! Since my dad has always got his teeth sunk into a series each evening it's nice to pull him away from this... Also, no laptops or reading devices either! A good digital detox is required when spending quality family time together. Capturing moments like this as a family is still important though, which is why I brought my instax SQUARE SQ6 along to the quiz to make sure we could still create some lovely memories from the night. 

I've had an obsession with photography since I was a small child. Having studied Photography at college, I soon found my love for film photography and the joy I had from developing each film I shot was more than enough to make me stick through further education.. 

I first fell in love with instax around about 2 years ago, with my pink instax Mini 9. I took it to every festival with me and captured moments I'd be unable to recreate with a digital camera. That’s why I couldn't wait to get my hands on the instax SQUARE SQ6. The new features this camera has excites me a lot, so let's talk about them and why I'm so excited by them!

Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6

Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6


Let's state the obvious... the SQ6 is a square format camera. The print outs are larger, that little bit of extra added space in the photos which actually allows you to capture a whole lot more. This worked perfectly for me and my family when we were getting a group shot all together in our Christmas hats, that leads me on to the next feature...


YES! Having self-timer on the new instax is an absolute game changer.
I self-shoot A LOT. I'd say most of my Instagram shots are taken by me and my tripod, so a camera with self-timer is an essential. I wanted to get a photo that wasn't a selfie of me and my family so this really worked in my favour on doing so. I simply propped the camera up on a flat stable ledge, squared up the shot through the eye hole, directed and re-adjusted everyone to fit in perfectly, clicked the self-timer button (situated on the back of the camera, it's hard to miss!) then I popped myself in the photo and we waited for the flash countdown to finish before the photo took. The pictures came out so well.


The instax SQ6 comes with 3 coloured flash filters to pop over your flash so you can add a splash of colour to your photos. This is such a cool feature and is like adding an Instagram filter to your photos, absolutely perfect for parties, gigs or just for that edgy shot!


Kiss goodbye to manual exposure on this instax, the automatic exposure makes it super easy to achieve the perfect shot each time! There are also a few more options to change this from auto depending on the shot you're going for. There's a landscape & macro option, close selfie mode, as well as lighten & darken modes in case the auto isn't working out too well for you. 


There's one new feature I couldn't miss out! Probably the most exciting new feature to come to the instax is the new double exposure mode. You can overlap 2 shots within one frame with this new mode, I've always been super keen to play around with this since I got it, I'm excited to have fun and try this one out with different festive backgrounds this season! Expect lots of snaps with plenty of tinsel shots coming your way...

Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6

Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6

Fujiflm instax SQUARE Sq6

instax SQUARE Sq6


Have fun with your instant photography most importantly. Experiment with plenty of colours, textures, props, people.. & anything that sparkles and glitters, especially this time of year! I loved shooting me and my families new Christmas hats, playing around with plenty of tinsel & party poppers! There's so many incredible ways to make a picture fun and playful, I absolutely love the shot I got of my sister hanging a red bauble over my mum's nose to replicate a reindeers one! It's all about being silly and having fun. 

It's SO important to remember to LIVE IN THE MOMENT! That's why I love these cameras so much. Since you get only 10 shots per film pack, it really makes the moment captured special when taking them! Each shot should be a memory to treasure. 

There's also so many different ways you can display your instax moments. This Christmas, I'll be popping mine on the Christmas tree and on the garland this year for that unique touch.

instax SQUARE Sq6

instax SQUARE Sq6

instax SQUARE Sq6

Thank you to instax for partnering with me on this special project.
You can purchase an instax SQUARE SQ6 at selected retailers in store and online.

How do you like to have fun with your friends and families at this time of year?
Have you considered trying a digital detox out yourself?

*This blog post was sponsored by instax



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