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Charlotte Hole - NAKED BEACH - Channel 4

The time has come... I’m SO excited to announce that myself and 7 other body confident hosts are a part of Channel 4 ‘s brand new TV series, NAKED BEACH. 
We spent the summer helping some truly beautiful souls realise their own beauty and worth, on their own journey of self acceptance and self love.⁣⁣

Social psychologist Dr Keon West & body image expert Natasha Devon MBE have put a social experiment to the test that could help those who hate their bodies to learn to love them. This is where us 8 confident, body painted hosts come in to help. In each episode you will see us be joined by 3 guests with seriously low self esteem issues, in the hope to learn to accept and love themselves.

The lack of self love in the UK is concerning to say the least. It’s been engrained in us from young ages to be worried about how our bodies look. For YEARS, media’s all around us have led us to an unattainable standard of body image... It’s time for a much needed change.  Life can be incredible once you realise that the perfect body image doesn’t exist. Let’s encourage love. Let’s radiate L.O.V.E. Let’s blossom and be the best version of ourselves, for ourselves. 

“Bikini body ready?” What does that mean? Why have we created this in our society? It makes me cringe whenever I hear it. “Striving for the ‘perfect’ body?” Nah. What is perfect any ways? Perfect isn’t what you see in the media or online. We’ve had photoshopped bodies shoved down our throats for years without question. These ‘perfect’ bodies these ‘flawless’ men and women have that we are exposed DAILY online and in other media’s, aren’t what each of us has to offer, so it’s bound to make so many of us feel unworthy. I hate it when I see magazines slash women for ‘being out of shape’ AND then for having surgery... well, who is to blame? When bodies are not being criticised we’re still being exposed to absolute fakery from TV adverts, and especially here on social media. With skin smoothed to the high heavens & body parts shaped to their own desire, all by the fiddle of a free app, to live up to the standards of ‘perfect’ we as a society have created. It’s damaging to both the viewer and to those who are manipulating themselves into something they’re not.⁣⁣

So, How about we just... be...? How about we work towards accepting and loving OUR own bodies, for who we are. Let’s sack off the daily comparisons, let’s focus on OURSELVES. What we think of ourselves is what matters most, who cares about what matey across the road thinks of us? We are all worthy of being loved, appreciated and desired, for who we are, as we are. Let’s embrace who we are, without any pressure from advertising, social media, or people’s opinions.⁣⁣

The more normal naked bodies we’re exposed to of all shapes and sizes, with lumps, bumps, jiggly parts, bony parts, scars & hair, saggy boobs, smaller pointy boobs, anything goes... the more we start to see our own normal bodies in a different light. A more loving light.
A light we should naturally see about ourselves but we end up in a wheel of comparison.⁣⁣

We want change. I truly hope each of your faaaabulous naked body painted hosts can help you overcome your struggles.

Coming to Channel 4, Thursday the 11th of April at 8pm.
Set it in your calendars sis, it’s going to be a wild ride of love, emotion, and growth!!! 

A HUGE thank you to the incredible Body paint artists for creating these magical designs on us each day, Nicole, this look was one of my favourites from you. What a fabulous team.

Charlotte Hole - NAKED BEACH - Channel 4

Channel4 Naked Beach
Channel4 Naked Beach - Thursday 11th 8pm
Photo's by CALLEFILM

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