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For those who follow my Instagram, throughout Spring this year I began posting a few weekly self care tips under my small new project: Self care Sunday.  This became a regular space on my Instagram stories for a couple of months where I would post a few slides educating my audience on the small things they can take to achieving a healthier mind body and soul each week.


Are you quick to check your phone first thing in the morning? It can be easy to do so if you’re turning off an alarm and then you have a cheeky scroll as soon as you’ve woke. I don’t know about you but it makes me feel like sh*t when I do so. Discipline yourself to not do so for at least the first hour of waking up. It’ll allow yourself to wake up properly without being glued to a screen. 

Use the first hour of waking up to crack on with things that don’t require you checking your phone. Stretch, make your bed, have a large glass of water before you eat, tidy your space, get yourself dressed for the day (or for the gym).

Start tomorrow and make a conscious effort to keep on track throughout the week.


The other day I limited the notifications that come through to my phone from platforms I use the most, such as Twitter and instagram. I turned off SO many on Twitter that were simply annoying me, I don’t need to know when every single person favourites a tweet or follows my account. 

A few months ago I deleted the Facebook app, and rarely find myself thinking about it actually. I hardly go on to the desktop site, and it feels good. Facebook is pretty trash anyway. 

Spend more time focusing on yourself, not awaiting validation from others over a click of a like. 

Less time checking notifications, the better. 


As we know, social media can have mad effects on our dopamine levels. We check our phones in the need of a feeling, a smile, a laugh or to feel any other emotion. Relying on social media to regulate our happiness levels and overall moods is dangerous AF.

If you’re feeling low, stay away from social media today, or any other day that you’re not feeling your best. When we’re not feeling great there’s a higher chance you’ll get into an uncontrollable scroll sesh where you are literally scrolling without any aim, and you gain nothing, your mood isn’t being improved and you’re trying to find your next fix from scrolling. Stop. Slipping into a comparison whirlwind is too easy on social media, especially when you feel naff to begin with. We’ve all been there, and would prefer not to be back there again. 

Stop looking for a quick pick me up, and focus on doing something that will physically improve your wellbeing in the long run.


Ok so we spoke at the beginning of the post about waking up and avoiding screen time... same goes for before bed. This is what I find hardest actually.. being able to put my phone down for the last time for the night. My brain is ALIVE at night, I’m full of new ideas and my brain is ticks into overdrive with things I need to remember to add to my to do list.  If anything, I should be winding down properly so my ability to be able to get to sleep isn’t affected. 

Train your brain to come away from your phone screens by 8pm. Instead use the rest of the night phone free and either read a book, write in your journal or plan out the next day in your diary.

I understand this is difficult for those who work shifts into the night, then come home and all they want to do is graft the night away on their creative passions, you do what you gotta do! Just balance it well and make sure you get a healthy amount of sleep.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Please do share your thoughts as I'd love to hear them. 
You can keep up to date with my weekly self care stories over on my instagram.
Photos shot by ZOE LONDON.






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