About Me


I welcome you to CH32, written by myself, Charlotte Hole. I usually hate writing an About Me section, I seem to completely erase everything about myself.

Born in London in 1994, Hackney, is where I grew up for 11 years before starting a new chapter in Essex where I developed into a teenager. I studied Art, Fashion & Photography between the years of 2010-2012 in Colchester, where I gained inspiration to create something of my own, using all of my photography & style skills in one place. CraveGreenVelvet was formed in early 2013.

I've been lucky enough to be featured in magazines such as, LOOK, Company, MORE! & Noctis, and with the blog growing each month I've developed a strong relationship with up and coming & established fashion brands, some of my favourite such as Primark & MotelRocks.

As well as writing about my ever-lasting love for fashion, you can expect to see plenty of lifestyle & travel posts.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact me @ charlotte.hole@hotmail.com

Enjoy x
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